Monday, June 26, 2017

Momma Took the Kids Out Again

Baby chicks enjoying some cucumber on a hot day

Mom has been taking the kids out daily now.  I let her out in the morning and she just lets them own the place. LOL.  They are so funny and it is so fun to watch them fully integrated into the flock at such a young age.  They are so small, but the hens don't dare mess with them!  I have panicked many times as I see them too far away from mom, but she always has a watchful eye and ears open to any danger.  If a hen does dare peck at them they promptly sound a squawking loud alarm and mom comes running and takes care of things pretty quick!  It is comical to watch and so enjoyable to watch them enjoying the outdoors and not stuck in the coop.

Now, if only the juveniles would come out!!  I'm sure history will repeat itself and we will just have to literally throw them out to show them there is a WHOLE other world outside! How is you flock doing?  Any new additions or funny stories to share?

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