Thursday, July 6, 2017

New Momma #2

Is this not the sweetest picture?!  Our broody hen #2 never got to hatch any eggs.  They were all duds or just didn't make it.  I knew I just had to get the poor thing some babies.  I didn't want to "break" her from her broodiness cause I want to have broody moms every year that want to hatch out babies for me.  SO much easier than incubating and brooders!

I LOVE watching the moms and babies interact.  It is a fascinating process.  Well, my husband has a friend who raises different breeds and he just happened to have 3 baby chicks about a week old that hatched out about a week ago.  Perfect!  We got them last night and I gave them to her.  She took to them right away!!  This picture says it all.  Love at first sight.  I LOVE to listen to her talk to them.

Mom and babies are doing well and looking forward to see what we get.  They are supposed to be Araucana/Black Copper Marans cross which means they will be Olive Eggers!  I would love it!! Hope we have at least one hen.  Would be bonus if somehow all three were hens.  Updates will be forthcoming.  Our momma #1 and her 3 chicks are doing great.  I am sad that I think I have 2 roos and one hen (pullet) though.

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