Friday, September 13, 2019

Easy Grammar REVIEW

Grammar is just never fun or easy for kids but with Easy Grammar: Grade 1 from Easy Grammar Systems, it really is just simple and easy!  I received a softcover copy of the Teacher Edition.  The cover has a VERY NICE coating on it that makes it VERY durable.  The book consists of 180 lessons so if you complete one a day you have more than enough for 1 year of curriculum.  You are given permission to make personal copies of the pages for the student assignments so the additional student workbook is not necessary.  If you have just one student you can of course just let them write in the Teacher Edition (it has all the student pages ready to be filled out).  I also received a nice refrigerator magnet, a sample lesson page insert, and flyer on other programs they offer.

I'm easily amused, I really like this refrigerator magnet

 The beginning of the Teacher Edition has lots of helps and suggestions on how the program works and how you can use it.  There is no prep work necessary for the lessons.  You just pick up the book and go (I LIKE this!).  At first the lessons seemed too simplified, they are very simple, but then I remembered the power of repetition and simpleness.  By not frustrating the student, they are able to absorb and learn a great deal of material.  The work is simple, but the concepts are taught through repetition and just "doing" the work.  The connections are made in the brain and learning occurs!  "Dr. Phillips wrote Easy Grammar texts (Grades 1-6 and Plus) to teach concepts. She first introduces common prepositions and deleting prepositional phrases to help students determine subject, verb agreement, etc. Phillips is also noted for introducing concepts at a basic level and building for understanding. . ."  (Quote from one of my info sheets).  For this First Grade text the author uses mainly Kindergarten sight words.

The design

Scope and sequence on what is covered in the lessons

Teaching vocabulary of components in the lessons


Learning correct syntax by just doing the lessons

If you need help with guided learning there is a suggested daily schedule.  It is also recommended that if you are copying the pages rather than writing in the book that you of course do that before the lesson begins (only "prep" work necessary).  Each lesson is just a page long.  Quick and simple.  There are some wonderful suggestions throughout the daily lesson suggestions in the Teacher Edition.  It would be beneficial to not skip over these (at least take a look before the lesson).

Daily lesson suggestions and tips

This couldn't have come at a better time for us.  Little Bug is sailing through her lessons without much fuss, not counting the fits about the writing.  Like her brother, they just do not like to "write."  She doesn't mind the copy work (go figure!).  We are completing one lesson per day and they only take about 5-10 minutes or so for her to complete.  I go over the lesson with her and explain what they are looking for.

Lesson Day 3

Lesson Day 16

 By Lesson 50 the lessons begin to advance and the tracing component goes away.  By Lesson 90 they begin to combine sentences (they also graduate out of the lined paper blanks for writing). 

 We really like Easy Grammar: Grade 1 and I would definitely recommend it as a great resource curriculum for grammar.  I do wish that the Teacher Edition was spiral bound (for easier copying), or that I had chosen the digital version so I could easily print out the student pages.  Little Bug is learning and we are doing it mostly without tears (she has got to get over this writing thing).  We will definitely continue and finish this for part of our language arts this year.  I am also going to check this out for my 10th grader.  You can connect with Easy Grammar Systems on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM.

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Lazy Sunny Days

Chicken Little "Spaz" and Hazel enjoying some sun

We are entering our fall season and we got to experience a few days of really nice weather last week and over the weekend.  It was horribly hot again today, and it will continue throughout the week, but we had those few days.  The chickens were really enjoying themselves and it was dust baths all around for everyone.  You don't want to be standing near one when they get up and "shake off!!"  I have been showered with a cloud of dust many times and do not enjoy it.

Silly Hazel enjoying some nice sunshine

I love to watch when the chickens lay out to sun themselves.  It is kind of a scary scene as it often looks like they are laying there, dead.  I showed my son the pic of his favored silkie, Hazel, and his first comment was to ask, "He's not dead, is he?"  I of course let him know he was just fine which I think he already knew that since he knows I would never just show him a pic of his dead silkie.  Hazel is one of his favorites and a special one.  Yes, I did say "he."  Hazel is a boy because until Hazel crowed we were sure he was a she.  He didn't crow for a VERY, VERY long time.  His brother crowed months before we ever heard a peep out of Hazel.  We kinda figured she was a he when we weren't getting any eggs. 

The weather will be cool before we know it and I for one am ready for it.  I am done with the hot, hot heat and humidity.  I just hope we have an enjoyable fall and don't run from summer to winter with no inbetween.  We are still winding the garden down and I am anxious to get it done also.  The okra is still coming in but I am about done with it.  More updates coming soon.  I must also remember to do an update on our broody momma, Sassy, who is due to hatch soon.  May your days be blessed.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Another Reading Eggs REVIEW

Reading Eggs has been such a favorite for my family.  My highschooler used it when he was younger and now Little Bug is enjoying working through the 240 Essential Reading Skills for First Grade workbook. We already had a subscription to the online component and the workbook works alongside the online program.  They have workbooks for 6 levels of reading and 3 levels of math.  I received a softbound copy of the 270-page workbook for First Grade reading. The cover is a nice glossy heavyweight cardstock type material.  The inside pages are heavyweight paper with lots of eye-catching colors.

lesson page

We previously reviewed the 240 Essential Reading Skills for Kindergarten and also the online version of the Reading Eggs program.  I love that my kids love to work on the program and the results I saw with both of my kids made it well worth our investment.

Table of Contents
Sample lesson planner page

The workbook covers phonics, vocabulary, writing, and comprehension.  The First Grade workbook covers lessons 61 to 120 of the online program.  You DO NOT have to have an online subscription to work through this workbook, you can use it independently.  If you use it in conjunction with the online program you will see that the lessons are grouped into "maps" and each map includes 10 lessons each.  Within each "map" the workbook provides a review, a quiz and a certificate of completion that includes the skills completed.  There is also a "Fun Spot" activity at the end of every map that includes activities such as finding objects, coloring, word seek, crosswords, etc.

Lesson pages

The lessons are geared to only take about 15 minutes a day and the skills mastered include:

  • Phonics
  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonemic awareness
  • High-frequency sight words
  • Handwriting
  • Reading Comprehension

End of lesson Certificate of Completion

End of year certificate of Completion

If you use the online program in conjunction with the workbook, it is recommended that you complete the online lesson first.  Each lesson in the workbook is 4 pages long and ends with a review synopsis of what you covered.  There are a total of 60 lessons in the book so if you cover just 2 lessons per week that would give you a year's worth of lessons.  It would be easy to cover in just one semester if your child is not overwhelmed with the work.  I would highly suggest that you get the online subscription to go with the workbook to not only help enforce the skills but give the kids additional incentive to complete their work.  There are lots of fun games and rewards in the online component.  It would also help to make it a complete year of curriculum.  I believe language arts should be slow and steady, not swallowed whole.  My daughter absolutely LOVES the online component.

Fun Spot sample page

1 page of an end of lesson review

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A multi-award winning online learning program for children ages 2–13, Reading Eggs supports the essential foundations of reading with its highly engaging lessons, games, and e-books!  Claim Now!

While I was disappointed to find several errors in the workbook as we have been doing our lessons, it goes without saying that we love and recommend 240 Essential Reading Skill for First Grade.  You can connect with Reading Eggs on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, YOUTUBE, and INSTAGRAM.

Please also take the time to look at the other reviews from my fellow Crew members by clicking on the graphic link below.  We reviewed different levels of their reading and math workbooks.  Don't forget to take advantage of the 4 Free Weeks of Reading.

240 Essential Reading Skills & 200 Essential Math Skills  {Reading Eggs Reviews}
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