Saturday, May 18, 2019


I have wanted ducks almost as long as we have had chickens (5 years now).  It would seem an easy solution to just get them and throw them in with the chickens, but after much research, I have just not been convinced.  Ducks can be really messy and water and chickens just don't mix well.  A wet run and/or coop can be toxic for chickens (coccidiosis and just unhealthy conditions in general).  I have just not been convinced it is good to run them together when you are unable to free range them.  In a closed coop/run area I just didn't see it being a good thing.

Fast forward to this past Monday and a friend of mine called me up and said they needed to rehome their niece's pet ducks that they had gotten for Easter.  I initially said no but I would call around to some of my friends.  It didn't take many minutes of thought and I messaged my husband about the ducks.  He said sure!  Uh oh!  I quickly tried to figure out how it could work and where (which pen) would I put them in. Meet Rosie (Pekin) and Allie (Rouen).  It's been an interesting ride and there are still lots of details to work out, but they seem to be doing just fine for now.  Pretty much everything is kind of temporary right now so the future will be interesting.

They are growing so fast.  It almost seems like they grow more feathers every day.

I set them up a separate pen within one of my chicken runs because they are still babies (about 4 weeks old now) and the chickens were picking on them,  My rooster in that run is young and a little skittish about the strange new roommates (LOL). They are growing so quickly that I moved them out of their tiny cage to an extra large dog kennel today for locking them up at night.  During the day they can run around their area and I have usually been able to let them run with the chickens supervised each day.  Boy, do they love their water!  It's so fun and comical to watch them.  Be watching for more updates.  Sure hope they are both females (duck eggs!).

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Nothing Book REVIEW

"Nothing can separate you from God's love!"  That pretty much says it all.  What a pleasure it was to review Nothing by Natalee Creech from WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group.  I received a jacketed hardcover copy of this 32-page rhyming book suggested for ages 4-7.  It is based on the scripture Romans 8:38-39.

Little Bug absolutely loved this book.  She loves anything about God and this was such a perfect book for her.  I loved how it continually assured her that not only is God's love everywhere but His love and grace are with you wherever you go, even when you make mistakes.  The rhyming adds to its charm.  It is a nice, quick read perfect for a bedtime story.  She reads during the day and has a special bedtime storytime with Daddy in the evenings before bed.  This is now added to her list of favorite books.

The pages are a nice heavy duty glossy finish and the illustrations are wonderful.  Joseph Cowman's passion for illustrating are evident in his whimsical and fun illustrations.  It is obvious that author Natalee Creech loves to inspire through scripture. I would like to find more books from this author.  Any book that can instill scripture into my child and speak to her heart is on my "A" list.  The lyrical flow of the story is fun to read and the pictures help to draw her into the story.  Little Bug is in kindergarten and has recently learned to read.  She really had fun working through this book and learning some new big words.  She especially liked that "God's love is everywhere"  and "Nothing can separate you from God's love."  She chuckled at the funny pictures and commented on the character's expressions.

We really liked Nothing by Natalee Creech and give it a double thumbs up.  It will definitely delight your 4-7 year old and if you have an early reader they can read along.  If you desire to instill scripture and God's love into your child then this is the perfect book for you.  It really drives home that even when they have bad days or make mistakes, God is still there, He still loves you, and His love for you is not based on your behavior.

You can connect with WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group on FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, and INSTAGRAM.  Be sure to check out the other reviews from my fellow Crew members on this book through the graphic link below.

Nothing (Nothing Can Separate You From God's Love) by Natalee Creech {WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group Reviews}
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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Irises in Bloom

I just love irises!  They are so beautiful and elegant.  They are also VERY hardy which is pretty important for me!  I need the kind of bulbs that can overwinter well.  I do not like to dig my bulbs up and replant, too much trouble!  Many years ago I was able to get a bunch of irises from my mother-in-law and I have enjoyed them immensely ever since.  I have several different colors including several shades of purple. I had acquired and planted some cannas a year or so back and I failed to dig them up before the winter and I lost them.  I was so sad, cannas are also very beautiful.

These are planted outside of the chicken yard to help beautify it.  I will be transplanting more in the near future.  We have been landscaping around the chicken pens and I will be so happy when it is finally completed.  It has been a work in progress and some days are better than others!  One of my other absolute favorites is evening primrose.  I used to have a really good batch of it in my front flower beds, but over time other things have choked it out.  I am working on getting it re-established in some of my back flower beds.  I am also going to try to get some established in at least two of my deck planters.

The apple mint continues to thrive everywhere and the chickens enjoy eating it too.  I just love it and it makes some of the best tea!  I have also successfully made some yummy apple mint jelly with it.  I will be dehydrating a bunch of it very soon hopefully for future tea and other uses I find for it.

What's new in your garden or flower beds?  Do you have favorites or unique plants?

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