Monday, June 5, 2017


Oh, oh, woohoo!  Was so excited to get our Silkies.  Two of these are for a friend.  She already picked them up and she is enjoying them too!  I have always wanted this breed and now finally got a pair.  We also got 3 Black Copper Marans and I will get pics up soon.  All are doing well despite our nasty humid heat wave we are enduring.  I did some research and it appears that it is possible that there are 3 males and 1 female Silkie.  Based on one piece of information that fluffy one just may be the female.  I will do more research, and time will tell.  These guys are about 2 months old right now.  I'm thinking maybe closer to 3 possibly.  I know the Marans look older, more like almost 4 months old. Do you have any new additions?  Any interesting breeds on your wishlist?

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