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K5 Learning Online Program REVIEW

K5 Learning
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Little Bug and I had fun reviewing a supplemental online program by K5 Learning.  It covers three areas that include K5 Reading, K5 Spelling, and K5 Math.  The program is geared for Kindergarten through 5th grade and is not meant to be a full curriculum.  While Little Bug is age 4 and still in PreK we were given the opportunity to review this program because it is also recommended for Special Needs and ESL students.  Due to the structure of the program it is also highly recommended for children with ADHD, dyslexia, slow learners, and high functioning autism/Asperger Syndrome.  The lessons are short, fun and give immediate feedback.

K5 Learning

Little Bug loves doing "school" and welcomed this online program with great excitement.  I had her working in the Reading and Math areas.  I have not started her on any of the Spelling lessons.  The lessons in this program are geared to what will challenge the student without overwhelming them.  They recommend that you take the free on line assessments to see where your child lies in each area.  After you sign up for a particular grade level, you are given the opportunity to change and fine tune your grade level based on what your assessment results tell you.  If your student is ahead or behind in any particular area you can adjust the grade level for that section only accordingly.  This is great for your student's progress.  As they master skills in each area the program adjusts and assigns the student appropriate and challenging material based on their responses. The curriculum is research-based and aligned to meet state and national standards.

K5 Learning

Each subject covers a variety of topics.  The K5 Spelling includes spelling and vocabulary.  It is a wonderful program for master based learning.  It adjusts the spelling words based on grade level and whether the child already knows the correct spelling. Your child gets immediate feedback on each word if it is spelled correctly or not. If a child misspells a word the program will give them a hint and allow two more tries to correct word before it displays the correct spelling.  You can even input your own custom spelling lists.  It's really nice that it also includes vocabulary. As your child masters words the program keeps track and rewards them with a short video movie when they master a certain number of words.  At Little Bugs level we are not currently doing this part of the program.

K5 Learning

The K5 Math covers numbers and operation, measurement, geometry, data analysis and algebraic thinking. Little Bug really enjoys the videos in this section and counting objects.  She already knows her numbers 1 - 20 and the program not only reinforces what she already knows but is also challenging her skill level. She gets to count and make pizzas and add chocolate chips to cookies and candles to cakes. The program is very interactive and visual and once a lesson is completed you come to a stop sign so you can "stop" or "go" to continue on with more lessons.  Again, the lessons are very short and concise.  It doesn't really give her a chance to lose interest since the lessons are so short.

Counting apples
You can "stop" lesson or "go" to continue
The K5 Reading portion covers phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading comprehension.  At Little Bugs level she is really working on sight words at this point.  She is struggling at her level but I notice that she doesn't get frustrated and still enjoys progressing through the program.  This is a plus!  Meltdowns would not be very conducive to her learning and she really moves to meltdown stage rather easily so I think this is the right program for her.  It is always very positive and just guides her forward.  Everything is short and to the point and mistakes are not dwelt upon. As part of the program, the same "stop light" at the end of the lesson allows you to stop the lesson or continue.

Working on sight words

I also really like that the student isn't distracted by other areas of the program or able to jump off and play games without completing the lessons like some other programs we have tried.  There is one that is a very popular one but I finally stopped our subscription because after her older brother showed her how to get into the games section she no longer wanted to work on the actual schoolwork part.  That is not so with this online program.  The program walks her through step by step what she needs to complete next without allowing her to bypass it or get into something else. She doesn't feel like she is "working" and actually enjoys completing the lessons. Another plus is the included FREE Reading and Math worksheets (answers included) that can also be customized.

K5 Learning

We definitely give this program 5 stars!  We will continue to work on this [online] spelling and vocabulary program for kids throughout the summer and depending on how things go with this and some other stuff we are working on she may start Kindergarten in the fall instead of continuing with another year of PreK.

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