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YWAM Heroes of History REVIEW

YWAM Publishing

Our family loves biographies to read aloud in our homeschool.  I was so excited to recently have the opportunity to review Heroes Of History - Milton Hershey from YWAM Publishing.  Heroes of History is a wonderful series currently containing 28 biographies of wonderful men and women from history that made an impact on our world.

There are so many extras available to you from the YWAM Publishing site pertaining to whatever book or series you choose.  The bonus section for our book included word puzzles, crossword puzzles, coloring pages, and overview guides of how to use the unit studies.  YES!  There are Downloadable Unit Studies available to purchase for the books from the YWAM Publishing site.

YWAM Publishing
The Unit Study for Milton Hershey is a comprehensive package that guides you through how to use the Heroes of History books.  It includes guides for small groups, classroom, or homeschool. Within the homeschool guide it shows you how it can be used for history, social studies, language arts, and character education. The series can be used as a stand alone curriculum or as a complement to what you are already using.  The guide even breaks down the time periods for you so you know what books to cover for each time period. It also lines out a one-year or two-year track if you choose to use it as a stand alone curriculum.  The Unit Study itself has activities and chapter questions (and answers) as well as essay questions and research topics. We mostly used the study guide chapter questions for now and will go more in depth later in the summer after we take a short break from school. We use these types of books as supplements to our current curriculum.

We really enjoyed the biography on Milton Hershey.  I chose it remembering my youth when my family visited Hershey, Pennsylvania and wanted my son to read about the man who developed the famous Hershey Chocolate Bar.  Little did I know how much it would bless me to know the entire story of Milton Hershey.  I'm sure there were things we learned when I was little and visited the tourist attraction site, but I don't remember anything but seeing the chocolate.

I don't ever remember knowing that Milton came from a Mennonite background and even though he did not actively participate in his church and religion, he kept most of what he learned from his mother while growing up in his character.  He never believed in frivolity and always set out to do the best job possible and serve the employer or customer in the best way he knew how.  He believed that money was not to be hoarded and enjoyed for only oneself but to be shared and used to make lives better for everyone.

I also did not realize that the town was not just named after him, but he actually founded the entire town.  He used his fortune to make life better for others.  Over the years he helped provide jobs for thousands of people.  He even established a business in Cuba and helped families over there.  Later in life, he and his wife founded an orphanage that educated and trained children to be able to learn a trade and provide for themselves in their adult life.

Milton only had a 4th grade education.  He had MANY failed business attempts.  He was told several times he would never amount to anything. Yet, he persevered.  His unfailing love for entrepreneurship and drive to make a difference paid off BIG TIME in the end.  He lived through several wars and his success allowed him and his workers to remain fairly unscathed during the Depression. This is a must read story for your library.  There are so many lessons on character and serving others. You must read it to find out: The role his father, mother, and Aunt played in his life; How his best friend "Lebbie" helped and supported him through the years; What was so sad about his wife, Catherine (Kitty); Was he ever successful making chewing gum?  We highly recommend Heroes of History - Milton Hershey from YWAM Publishing.

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