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How to HOMESCHOOL with Stunning Confidence, Contagious Joy, and Amazing Focus (DVD & Coursebook)
Although I have been homeschooling for about 12 years now, I was still excited to get to review How to HOMESCHOOL with Stunning Confidence, Contagious Joy, and Amazing Focus (DVD & Coursebook) published by Apologia Educational Ministries in partnership with Teach Them Diligently.  We are nearing preparation for high school and beyond and I knew this program covered that and many other important aspects of homeschooling.  I was especially intrigued to find out that the authors are Rachael Carman (co-founder with her husband) of Teach Them Diligently, and Leslie Nunnery who, along with her husband, founded Apologia Educational Ministries.

The product consists of a workbook with homework assignments and space for taking notes and 2 DVDs containing 15 lessons.  The lessons covered are:
  • How to Get the Most Out of This Course
  • Setting Goals for the Journey
  • Finding Support
  • Choosing Curriculum
  • Practical How-To's (Nuts and Bolts)
  • Organizing Your Homeschool Stuff
  • Organizing Your Homeschool Day
  • Tips from Veterans
  • Family Matters -- Marriage
  • Family Matters -- The Rest
  • Dealing with Opposition
  • High School Graduation and College
  • If College is Not the End Game
  • You Can Make It!
  • Continuing Education and Encouragement Opportunities
The DVDs are set up in interview type style with Rachael and Leslie basically having a discussion about topics on homeschooling and how they handled it in their lives.  It is very relaxed and informative.  The sessions are short, from about 12-15 minutes each, which is perfect for bite-sized learning.  You can go through a lesson a day or 2-3 per week depending on how you want to handle your homework assignments.  It is a very practical, hands-on method of getting great information to you about homeschooling in an efficient and simple manner.  There is also a link with password provided to an online appendix that is full of wonderful resources and additional information that is very helpful.

If you have never homeschooled before or are considering it, this is a very good resource to start with.  If you are a veteran homeschooler, I think there is still some information to be gleaned.  They cover everything from the very basics of setting up, choosing curriculum, organizing, setting goals, working with your family dynamics, dealing with opposition from others, prepping for college and ideas for the non-college bound, and just basic encouragement to stay your course.

I really liked that they stressed and talked about your "Why" and how that can change over time.  "Why" did you choose to homeschool.  What are your motivations?  The advice and suggestions they have are very grace-based and they help you to feel more comfortable in the role you have been tasked to do as a homeschooling mom. Throughout the lessons they are constantly reminding you that we are not all perfect and life happens.  You do the best you can with what you have and let God do what He does best, providing for your every need.

If you find that you are currently overwhelmed in your homeschooling situation, Chapter 3 - Finding Support, might be just what you need. I especially liked Chapter 4 on Choosing Curriculum.  It seems we are always doing that, aren't we?  I love how they give you permission to dump an ineffective program.  I really like that they remind you that your child is an individual and therefore each child may learn differently and need different resources to thrive best in their studies.  Children have a natural desire to learn and they encourage you to tap into that instead of allowing strife and tears to derail your desire for them to have joy in their learning.

The homework "assignments" are not complicated or long.  In Chapter 5, Practical How-To's (Nuts and Bolts), the assignment simply asks you to list any homeschooling tips and tricks you learned in the session or already have in your "toolbox."

I could write a mini-book on how informative and helpful this program has been.  They stress that your relationship with your children and your spouse are key to the success in the homeschool model.  You don't want to lose your child's heart and alienate your husband while you accomplish the task of educating your child(ren) to become contributing members of society.

I definitely recommend that you give this program a try.  I do not believe you will be disappointed.  There is so much material and information they cover in such a short time it will be well worth your time to check it out.

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