Friday, December 22, 2017

Sound the Alarm

For those needing an update, this is Hazel, another one of our crowing roosters.  Hazel was thought to be a hen until s/he started crowing VERY late!  Hazel is a silkie and we have not had any silkies before.  I had heard they were hard to sex and we just didn't know what our two were.

Now that Hazel is crowing, he really gets into it.  He has done a good job perfecting his crow.  I told him I needed some ear protection this morning as he proceeded to sound the alarm right in my ear as I was cleaning.  Wow, he's got some air in there!

I am sounding the alarm too.  I have not been blogging consistently again.  I must remedy this immediately.  I also have so much more I want to get done with this blog in the coming year that I need to get on it and get organized and planning.

Pray for me as I rise to this challenge and hopefully create more interesting, useful and helpful information to you, my readers.  Speaking of readers, this is probably the first email post you are receiving from me if you subscribe to my blog.  Oh yeah, forgot to do that too!!  I forgot to set up my email campaign so that you would get my blog updates!  Oh my!  I am on it now and you should start to receive regular updates and posts from me.  

Let me know what you want to hear or learn more about and I will do my best to deliver.  My newest endeavor has been my love for my Instant Pot.  Boy, I don't know what I did before without it.  Best invention EVER!  I'll write more on that later.

May you have a very blessed holiday season and Merry Christmas. Talk to you soon.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Nesting Boxes - How Many?

The age-old question, "How many nesting boxes do I need?"  The standard is about 1 box per 4 hens.  Any chicken keeper might be tempted to tell you just 1 or 2, LOL. Why?!  Because everyone wants the same box or the most coveted box anyway!  My silly California White and Leghorn ladies displayed this beautifully this morning.  Neither was willing to give way and they both decided to just share.  Silly things!

Chickens and their antics and personalities give me neverending enjoyment.  They are such quirky, individual personality characters. Bottom line is, it's better to have the 1 to 4 ratio, but just know that in the end, there will be some that just won't get used, or used very little.  In my main big coop, I have 6 nesting boxes and my currently 20 plus laying hens generally use only 3 of them!  What antics are your chicks up to these days?
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