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YWAM Heroes of History REVIEW

Heroes of History

Here we are again with another great read aloud from YWAM PublishingHeroes of History - Harriet Tubman is not just your typical biography.  As is the style of YWAM books, history comes to life in story form.  The stories that we read from YWAM Publishing never cease to captivate the kids as we read their books.  I just love how they are learning history, enjoying it, and retaining what they have heard thanks to the interesting stories. Heroes of History is such a great series!

Many, if not all of us have certainly heard of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.  I think the real difference in these books is how well the stories are written.  You find yourself drawn into the story and can actually visualize yourself as part of the story.  It really does make them come to life. 

Harriet's story begins with her wanting to see some puppies her brother, Henry, is helping to raise for their master.  Harriet's family is owned by Mr. Brodas.  A couple of her sisters have already been "sold south."  Harriet is only about 6 years old when her story begins.  She is very quickly rented out to several different families with not much success (she gets labeled a troublemaker).  At only 6 years old she is expected to work for her rental owners doing tasks she has never yet learned to do and is severely punished for not coming to the task.

Harriet ends up working in the fields doing a man's work, but she is glad she is at least outdoors.  She loves to be outdoors.  At the age of 13, She helps her friend Jim escape to freedom and is severely injured in the altercation.  Her Master Mr. Brodas dies and a kinder Dr. Thompson takes over.  Harriet and her father are hired out to Mr. Stewart.  She is allowed to do extra work and earn some money.  She dreamed of buying herself out of slavery until her new Master Dr. Thompson says it would take at least $500!!

A Quaker woman helps Harriet to freedom and she ends up, of course, helping others to freedom through the underground railroad.  You must get this book to find out if her brothers find freedom.  Why does she go by the name Moses?  Relive history as you follow the timeline of slavery through different Presidents and court rulings.  Learn of her travels when, at the age of 43, she becomes a spy against the rebel troops in the Civil War. 

The best part that I like about YWAM books is the downloadable Study Guides that include a complete Unit Study on your book.  They are wonderful!  They include a short biography, complete unit study, and extra bonus games and fun activities.

YWAM Downloadable Unit Studies

The Unit study includes guides for Small Groups, Homeschool and Classroom use.  The Unit Study Curriculum Guides are VERY thorough and cover everything you would need to expand this into a full history curriculum if you choose.  The complete guide shows you different ways to use the Heroes of History books in your curriculum, how to adapt them when necessary, how to use them as either parent directed or student directed.  It even includes how to use in Social Studies and Language Arts curriculums.  Don't miss what these Study Guides have to offer.  They are very much worth it!

We used our book as a read aloud but I supplemented it with the Study Guide and used the Chapter Questions and parts of the Student Explorations section to dig a little deeper into the book and history.

I recommend this book if you like history in story form and watching the kids really get engaged in what they are learning.  Harriet Tubman: Freedombound is just another great book offered by YWAM Publishing

YWAM Publishing

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