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Weigl Publishers Interactive Media-Enhanced Books REVIEW

Weigl Publishers Media Enhanced Books
Little Bug can't get enough of books so when we had the chance to review some digital books from Weigl Publishers we, of course, said, "Yes!"  We received 3 PDF books with codes to access media-enhanced content that included: Glaciers from the series "Earth's Water" (published under their imprint Lightbox and intended for a grades 3-6 interest range), A Lion's World belonging to their “EyeDiscover" series (intended for a K-2 interest range), and There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant (a fiction title, intended for a K-2 interest range).  These titles are all available in hardback (the code and link to the digital content are included in each book).  We received the PDF files for purposes of review.

All books came with an individual code that you then enter into the given website to access the digital book with extra media-enhanced content.  The PDF files were simple to download and the code links were just as easy to access.  To access the digital interactive content you will need an internet connection.  You purchase the book with the special code and the code gives you full access to the books online digital content.  It is not a subscription.

There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant

Her absolute favorite was There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant because it, of course, reminded her of her other absolute favorite series with similar titles (The Little Old Lady ones)!  This title is an AV2 Fictional Readalong.  The silly cowpoke swallows all sorts of crazy things to try to take care of the fire ant he swallows in the beginning.  It ends with him getting rid of all the critters he swallows and collapsing in his bed all wore out.  It has a fun, rhyming pattern that young kids really like.  My little one always giggles at these silly type of stories.  The graphics are great and add to the fun. I really like that it can read the story to her to help her with her reading skills (the sentences are highlighted as the story is read).  She is only 5 and should be in PreK but I have been doing a lot of Kindergarten work with her.

Sample of other titles and categories available at AV2 books.

There are currently over 1800 AV2 books that include books in science, social studies, language arts, visual arts and sports.  The media-enhanced books work with computers, laptops, tablets, and whiteboards.

Easy navigation

Her next favorite one of the 3 books was A Lion's World.  It has short sentences and is a great beginner book for her to be working on.  I absolutely LOVE that it has a summation at the end of the book that lists the sight words and content words used and where they can be found.

She really enjoys these books
A Lions World

Short, simple sentences.

Sight and Content words used and locations.

The 3rd book was Glaciers and it is geared for grades 3-6.  While it is way over Little Bug's head, she still enjoyed looking at the pictures and watching the videos.  I loved how much information was available and how deep you can go into researching this topic.  

Glaciers Earths Water

The interactive links included videos, audio files, web links, slide shows, activities, transparencies, interactive maps, quizzes, and key words.  You can use all these tools to be as involved or uninvolved as a homeschool mom.  You can ask your older students to work on self-study or use all the resources to go over with your child while you lead and guide them through the activities.

We really liked A Lion's World, There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant, and GlaciersTeam these books up with the digital, media-enhanced books online and you have a wonderful learning resource that is interactive and fun.  We definitely recommend these books and the many others available from Weigl Publishers.  Your learning opportunities seem endless with the vast amount of information available through their media-enhanced online tools.

Weigl Publishers
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