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Reading Kingdom REVIEW

Reading Kingdom
Little Bug absolutely LOVES books so any programs that can help her learn to read are right up our alley.  We were excited to have a chance to review Reading Kingdom.  We received a one-year subscription to the program.  It is an online reading program that uses a unique technique that incorporates 6 skills necessary for successful reading and writing (sequencing, motor skills, sounds, meaning, grammar, and comprehension).  It has an intuitive aspect to it that adjusts to your child's skill level.  You will need to have an internet connection to use the program.  It will work on any device that has an internet connection (i.e. tablet, desktop computer, etc.).  It works with Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, or Chromebooks.  If you use a tablet it will ask/remind you to keep it in portrait mode.

The books in the online program contain 5 levels with 6 books at each level for a total of 30 books by the end of the program.  The program is geared for PreK to 3rd grade (ages 4-10) and will teach them to read and write at a 3rd-grade level once completed (begin with Lexile level 80 and end with Lexile level 750).  There is a pretest that is highly suggested to not skip over.  It makes sure that your child is placed at an appropriate level. You always have control through your dashboard to adjust lessons by moving backward or forward as necessary.  I also just learned that I can change a setting to make sure she repeats a lesson she needs help on before she is allowed to move forward.  I just changed that so that we are not getting behind on her learned skills.  There are also tutorials to teach your child to become familiar with the keyboard and mouse.  These will be critical skills for this curriculum because your child will need to enter letters and type words.

Sample progress chart to show what is accomplished
and what needs some work or improvement

For us, it was easier for Little Bug to use the tablet because her hands are so small and she was having a lot of difficulties maneuvering the mouse.  I should probably buy one of those kid-friendly ones so she can practice her computer skills.  When using the tablet there is an onscreen keyboard to use so she is still learning some keyboarding skills as far as learning where letters and keys are.

Each lesson takes Little Bug about 15 minutes or so to complete.  She really does enjoy the lessons but sometimes she does still get a little frustrated.  She is very strong-willed and doesn't like when the lady "helps" her or instructs her what she needs to do.  We are currently using this every day so she completes 4-5 lessons per week as long as we don't miss a day.  In the above video, she seems to have great trouble spelling "walk."  When I asked her how to spell "walk" about an hour after her lesson she quickly spouted out the correct spelling.  I was pleased!  I think she struggles a little and we do need to go back and repeat a few lessons but I can see great progress in her.  And to be clear she is still in PreK and will not technically be Kindergarten age till this fall (but we have done a lot of Kindergarten work this past year).

One of the beginning lessons

Fun games to teach spelling and keyboarding

As your child advances through the lessons, the program adjusts as necessary so that your child does not become frustrated or overwhelmed with the material.  The reports show you areas where your child might need help or to go back and review a section if necessary. The program HIGHLY recommends that you use it at least 4 days per week.  They also do not recommend doing more than two sessions at a time or per day since it is counterproductive to the way the program works.

In addition to the online program, you can also access additional help from the Resources tab (on the website from your desktop computer).  Some of the resources available are:
  • Links to educational kid activities
  • Tutorials on how to use the program
  • Links to suggested apps
  • Sample Lessons
  • Learning Tips (excellent section!)
  • Worksheets you can download to print out

Sample printable worksheets available

We have really enjoyed this program and I must admit that when we started I was pretty skeptical.  I was pretty sure this was probably not the program for us and that perhaps she might be struggling a little.  As we progress I am more impressed and look forward to seeing what our end results will be.  The fact that she enjoys and looks forward to her lessons is a big plus! We recommend that you take a serious look at Reading Kingdom for your K-3 student.  If you have a struggling learner or a child on the autism spectrum they also have ASD Reading that might be just what you need!  They both have a FREE 30-day trial and then the option to sign up to pay monthly or yearly.

Reading Kingdom
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