Tuesday, May 8, 2018

New Chicken Playhouse

The girls (and boys) in the 4H pen are really enjoying their new playhouse!  I knew I needed to get more stuff in their run to shake things up a bit and deter boredom.  They also desperately needed more shade and shelter (all they have is under their tiny coop).

I wanted to hit some yard sales to find them a playhouse when I realized that Little Bug's house was pretty much falling apart.  We get wicked winds during storms around here and it has just seen better days.  Sam (my oldest) helped me disassemble, then reassemble the playhouse in the 4H pen.  The feathered dinos were not impressed at first!

By the next day, they were all hanging out and playing all over it.  I put a 2 x 6 board across the window ledges to use as a roost and they are just loving it.  They especially love to fly to the top of the house and just check everything out from a higher vantage point.  When it gets hotter in the middle of the day they hang out in and around it where it is cooler and shady.  So glad we did that!

What fun additions have you done with your chicken yard?

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