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Kayla Jarmon Books REVIEW

Discussion Book Series and A Boy and His Dog by Kayla Jarmon
We can never get our hands on enough books when it comes to Little Bug.  As I've said before, she just LOVES books!  We recently had the opportunity to review three books by Kayla Jarmon that included A Boy and His Dog, Don't Forget Me, and Dying Is Part of This World.  We received links to preview the books but they are all available in paperback on Amazon.

A Boy and His Dog is a sweet story of a fun-filled day with a boy and his dog.  They go on many adventures.  Even though this book is perfect for Little Bug it really reminded me of my son and his dog Ruby.  We have two dogs, one geriatric older mutt, Esther, and my son's Australian Shepherd, Ruby, who will be 2 years old in about a week.  Ruby is definitely Sam's sidekick and so resonates with this story.

The boy and his dog start their day together, eat together, and go exploring together.  They play together, eat snacks together, and chase squirrels.  They get dirty and have to take baths and then snuggle down for the night.  They sleep and then wake up and start all over again!

The story shows the love a dog has for its owner and the love an owner returns (in this case the little boy) to his pet.  It's a great read aloud and the illustrations are cute and whimsical.  Get this 42-page book to see the many adventures they go on.  Little Bug really enjoyed this book and it will also serve as a nice early reader book for her in the near future.

Don't Forget Me is the first book in her Discussion Book series.  It's a conversation between God and an unborn baby in the womb.  All proceeds from this book go towards ministries for "God's Kingdom purposes."  The book begins showing the growing baby in the womb and God interacting with it.  God assures the baby He is there, always.  The baby wonders what he is experiencing and God lets him know it's his mother and what she is doing.  He is also introduced to his dad and enjoys when they read the bible to him.

Throughout the whole story, God is always assuring the baby that He is there.  It is a precious story about the journey of a fetus growing and being born.  I really like the scripture references at the end.  At 70 pages it is a quick read and a great conversation starter with your young children about how God is always with you.

Dying Is Part of This World is the second book in her Discussion Book series.  It's a story about a girl who is worried about her mother dying.  The daughter had seen something on the news while visiting with her grandfather and it got her thinking about death.

This 58-page book consists of 7 very short chapters.  The daughter shares how sad she would be to be separated from her mom, but her mom reassures her how Jesus is in heaven and that when we get there we don't think about what we left because of what joy there is to be with Jesus.  Chapter 5 is great about "Help When Losing Someone."  And Chapter 6 about "The Second Death" does a great job talking about judgment day and eternal thinking.

There are scripture references and discussion questions at the end of every chapter. I think this book is better for grade school age children and the discussion questions are such wonderful conversation starters.

This is a very precious book.  Little Bug is going through some intense emotions these days so I am holding off on going over this book with her right now.  My mom passed away almost 2 years ago and this book would be just so perfect for us to discuss together.  Sometime in the near future, I'm sure we will do just that!

These three books would be a nice addition to your library.  I really like how the discussion questions were added to the third book.  You can connect with Kayla Jarmon on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM.

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Discussion Book Series and A Boy and His Dog {Kayla Jarmon Reviews}
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