Monday, May 21, 2018

Garden Update Part 1

I am so behind on garden updates!  We upgraded this year and have been putting in some composite beds.  I found some REALLY nice deals online.  The wood from the old beds was rotting pretty badly,  We decided to combine several 4' X 4' beds to eliminate a lot of extra aisle space and get more planting space.  One bed is 4' X 20'.  We really like that one.

As we continue to try to improve things we also realized that my trellises now need to go back to the middle of the bed.  Especially in the 20' bed!  Otherwise, you cannot reach around it well enough to finish planting or taking care of the section it is in.  I think we will also upgrade that to cattle panel next year.

The garden is coming along pretty well although I do not have everything planted yet! I still have some seeds to get in so hopefully, that will happen this week.  I will probably add at least 2 more installments to this series to update the garden happenings.  In the above picture, we had just installed the new beds, filled them with nice rich chicken poop compost, and weeded most of the beds.

What are your garden plans this year?  Do you have everything planted yet?

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