Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Senior Citizen Coop

External shot of progress

Cedric's retirement home is coming along.  If you missed it, Cedric is our crippled rooster.  He is one of our original crew when we started chickens 3 1/2 years ago.  He is a good boy and a good rooster.  Most of all he is my son's pet so culling him is not an option right now.  He injured his leg a little over a year ago (or more?) and just never really recovered.  He gimps pretty bad but still manages to get around.  Jumping in and out of our current coop is really wearing on him and he just really isn't producing many fertile eggs these days. 

Internal shot looking out towards nesting boxes

Back of coop and roost

Wonderful nesting boxes

This coop will allow him a smaller area to move around and hopefully not so high to get in and out of the coop.  Closer to the ground would have been perfect but then there would be no shelter so it was a toss up.  We went with creating a shelter under the coop as low as possible.  I think it will be a little better.  He doesn't really walk up and down the ramps well so he chooses to hop/jump in and out which can be pretty stressful to him.   We'll put some hens in with him so he won't be lonely and can still be a rooster, just on a smaller scale.

Loving these egg boxes

We have had schedule and weather challenges with more rain coming in the next few days.  Hopefully we can get it completed by this weekend.  We shall see.  I really need to start moving some of the chickens around.  We are overpopulated in roosters again due to the upcoming babies and juveniles.  Three of the ones we hatched are probably all roosters, now it looks like about 2 of the 3 that we got for momma #2  will be roosters, and of course we now know Sir Galahad is also a roo.  Oh my!!  That gives us a total of 8 roosters!!  Definitely not gonna work!  One of our hatch babies, Kristoff, is an absolute sweety and my buddy so I will find a way to keep him.

BRIGHT neon type green, oh my!

It's coming along slowly but surely

We still have Sweet Pea whom I intend to make our main rooster in the big coop and run if he will behave himself.  He has lived in the mini coop for so long with such little interaction with me I am nto sure how he will behave when he gets out.  Another of the hatch babies, Olaf, is so big and beautiful I would love to see him help Sweet Pea in the main coop if they can get along?  I will prob put Kristoff and his brother/sister (not sure if roo or hen yet), in with Cedric in hopes that might possibly work because Kristoff is so docile righ now.

As usual, never a dull moment in the chicken yard and always lots to do.  Will have more updates coming when we complete this project.  May you be richly blessed and enjoy your day.

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