Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Meet Sir Galahad

Well, it's official.  Ebony has been dubbed Sir Galahad!  He started crowing the other day and there is no doubt he is a rooster.  Oh boy.  Don't need/want any more roosters.  Hoping that he will remain docile enough with the other rooster(s) so he can stay.  He certainly is a handsome one.  He seems really laid back but he is still pretty young.  I think around 6 months or so now.  Time will tell.  I'll keep y'all updated :).

I am back to a rooster dilemma again. We are currently building a retirement home for Cedric, my top rooster who is quite disabled.  He still think he rules the roost but he has such a hard time getting up and down out of the coop and getting around due to a serious unknown leg injury about a year ago.  He is now just 3 1/2 years old but has been through so much.  He will have his own coop and run area along with about 4-5 hens I choose to stay with him.  It may well be that Sir Galahad becomes a roomie too.  We shall see.  How do you handle rooster overpopulation?

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