Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Olive Eggers Are Growing!

Falling in love again.  These darn chickens.  So easy to get so attached.  I am overrun with roosters again.  The first 3 we hatched are looking to be all roosters (two of them DEFINITELY are). Of the two silkies we got, at least one if not both are roosters (Sir Galahad has been crowing for some time now).  And now, the olive eggers.  SIGH.  If I had to absolutely guess I am going to say 2 roosters and a hen (pullet).  Would be lovely to be surprised and wrong and they are all pullets!!  LOL.  Time will tell.  Drat this waiting.

At any rate, the white olive eggers are looking so cute these days.  The one in front has a really nice muff going.  Sure hope the other two puff out a little too but they aren't looking like it right now.  Will have more updates on the coop soon.  SO MUCH going on right now.  Lots of new plans and babies growing up. How is your coop coming along?  Any new additions or updates?  Share in the comments below.  May your day be blessed!

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