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In the Reign of Terror REVIEW

In the Reign of Terror
I love G.A. Henty history books and was so excited to be able to review the audio drama In the Reign of Terror from Heirloom Audio Productions.  The quality of this audio drama is superb and the dramatic actors just draw you in to the story like no other.  Be prepared to turn your sound up and sit back and enjoy some history audio drama style!

In the Reign of Terror is a story set during the French Revolution.  A young 16 year old boy, Harry, is visiting Arlington Cemetery with his family.  He meets an Englishman, Mr. George.  They converse and discuss the difference between the America Revolution and the French Revolution and how they were so different.  The American Revolution was about justice and pointed towards God while the French Revolution became a terror about personal independence and reliance and had nothing to do with God.  God was utterly rejected in the terror of the French Revolution.

Mr. George offers to share a story with Harry about a boy named Harry who just also happens to be 16 years old.  Thus begins the story of In the Reign of Terror.  Harry learns of the challenges and dangers that encompassed the French Revolutionary War.  We meet a Monsieur du Tillet and throughout the story learn bits and pieces of French culture and landmarks.

This dramatic telling of a story set during the French Revolution weaves a tale of excitement and terror.  While you are captivated by listening to the story you are also learning about a piece of history and what things were like during that time.  The story weaves in cultural aspects, landmarks and even bits and pieces of a foreign language.

Does Harry get attacked by a dog?  Who is the Marquis and his family to Harry?  Is Harry able to help the daughters of the Marquis escape? Who is Robespierre?  Does he have honest motives in his decisions? Does Marie get rescued from prison? Will the Marquis girls stand trial and will it result in their death? Is there a plan to save them?  You must get this audio drama to find out.  You won't be disappointed in the excitement and how well it captivates the listener's attention.

To make things even better there is a Study Guide available that is FREE with your subscription to the Live the Adventure Club.  This is not your ordinary study guide in my opinion.  It is jam packed with review questions and resources that allow you to immerse yourself and your students in the subject matter.  The study guide for this audio drama consists of 42 pages.  It begins with a list of the production crew and the cast. The introduction explains that each set of questions (there is a set for each of the 22 tracks) consists of 3 sections (The Listening Well, The Thinking Further, and The Defining Words sections). It also has a short bio about G.A. Henty, Maximillien Robespierre, and Marie Antoinette.  Most sections also have an Expand Your Learning box that further grows your knowledge about a related subject from the story.

In The Listening Well section there is a set of excellent review questions for the track just listened to.  The Thinking Further section asks your student to work a little harder and either look something up, draw conclusions, or speculate about Harry and what he is doing. The Defining Words section is an excellent way to add a language arts aspect to the study.  There is a list of vocabulary words to look up or use any way you wish.

The study guide concludes with a recommended reading list about the French Revolution, a 3-part bible study that covers subjects related to what is covered in the story, and finally a Historical Background for In the Reign of Terror.  I was very impressed with it as a whole and would highly recommend you consider joining the Live the Adventure Club.

So many resources in the club

Now would be a GREAT time to join because they are offering a 3-Month TRIAL PERIOD to the club for ONLY $1 and you get a FREE copy of their newest adventure Captain Bayley's Heir!  You just can't beat that!  If you agree that this is a wonderful resource and choose not to cancel, your subscription will continue at a rate of $24.75 billed every 3 months. So, for $99/year you get access to a HUGE library of resources and also FREE copies of their newest dramas 3 times a year and their accompanying study guides.  You must check out the trial because you will be able to see the awesome amount of resources available through the club.  I was pretty impressed with access to tons of free historical ebooks and videos, in addition to the study guides for each audio drama.

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