Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Boys

Percival, Kristoff, and Olaf

These are my boys.  They currently insist on being handfed a little bit every morning when I feed.  It's our routine.  I love my roosters.  I am so sad when I have to rehome or cull.  I can't NOT get attached to them, I just can't.  I've tried, LOL.  When you take the time to raise them, you just get so acquainted with them.  They have such cute and funny personalities.  Much like little boys and girls, cockerels and pullets have their own little quirkiness.

From left to right are Percival (Percy), Kristoff, and Olaf.  They were hatched by one of my hens about 3 months ago.  They are the offspring of my hens and my head rooster, Cedric.  I will miss them if I am not able to keep them. We have plans right now to try to make it work, but we just have too many roosters!

I am hoping to put Kristoff with Cedric in a separate pen we are working on. I also have at least one silkie rooster that I will try to put with Percival in another pen.  I have another rooster separated right now, Sweet Pea, who is also one of Cedric's offsprings from last year.  He was my buddy rooster that I now intend to put as head of my main flock. I am hoping to put him and Olaf together, but not sure if that will work.  The longer it takes to prepare these other pens and move the roosters around the less likely I will be able to match them up.  If the roosters are younger it is easier for them to be submissive to a head rooster.

To add to my dilemma, I have 3 more babies another hen is raising that are supposed to be olive eggers of which I think 2 might be roosters.  Now what?  Time will tell.  I will keep you updated.  What's going on in your barnyard and/or coop?

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