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The New Testament Activity-Pak REVIEW

Hands-on History Activity-Pak: The New Testament
I was excited again to have the chance to review another product by Home School in the Woods.  The New Testament Activity-Pak was a perfect fit for our study of the New Testament.  These wonderful Activity-Paks have everything you need to get you started on researching your topic.  The file we received was a digital download and included all the templates, printouts, and instructions we needed to assemble the lap book.  The intention of these paks is that they be used as a supplement or a guide to a more in depth study of the subject you are studying or researching.  

Pictures of assembled projects placed in lap book

Pictures of the actual finished projects

Step by step instructions on assembly and placement

Home School in the Woods is a wonderful hands-on history company with multiple product lines.  Time Travelers American History, Lap-Paks, and Timeline Trio are a few of their other products.  Also included in the Activity-Paks series are Make-A-State Activity, The Old Testament, Composers, and Artists. By engaging multiple senses your students will have a better learning experience with the subject and more retention of the facts.  Assembly of the lap book "paints a picture" that will stick with them and helps them to remember the different aspects of the subject.

When we received the download file I commenced to printing out the various parts of the project.  The first part is an introduction page that lists the 15 projects that this pak includes that cover studies in the New Testament.  The Lineage from David to Jesus, Miracles of Jesus, The Parables of Jesus, Fruit of the Spirit and Prophecies Fulfilled are just a few.  Also included in this pak are two additional resources.  "The New Testament News" that is a ten-page newspaper scroll that students can edit and create their own articles. It is perfect for a creative writing component in your curriculum.  The second added resource is The Armor of God poster that students assemble as they learn about what it means to "put on" the Armor of God and apply it to their lives.

The Lapbook Project Directions guide you through each activity with instructions of what to print, how to print (plain paper, colored paper, cardstock, etc.), supplies needed, and project assembly instructions.  Scriptures were included with each activity to help guide you through your study.

Cutting out the cover page for the lap book

Working on the Fruits of the Spirit project

Next, the Lap Book Assembly walks you through how to assemble the lap book with your finished projects.  There is also a Lap Book Printable Photo Gallery that shows you pictures of each completed project (this is very helpful to see what the end product is supposed to look like).

Assembling lapbook

Completing some projects and placing in lapbook

More lapbook assembly
We were able to complete 7 projects over the past 6 weeks and started to assemble our lapbooks so we could share some pictures of what they look like.  We moved at a pretty slow pace of about 1 project per week, but with it being summer time and lots of other activities and summer school going on it worked out pretty well for us.  It allowed more time for digging into the word and allowing the lessons to sink in.  It would be very easy to complete 2 to 3 lessons per week and still retain what was learned in your bible studies.  Again, remember that this is a supplement and does not actually have "lessons" that you follow and complete.  The intention is that you use the projects to reinforce what you are teaching on the subject matter.

More lapbook assembly

Our Fruits of the Spirit mounted on page

Finished cover page for lapbook
The kids did not enjoy all of the cutting and one did not want to color or embellish any of his projects.  I suspect that after we complete the study he will change his mind and finish coloring in and decorating his book.  As a whole though they did enjoy the hands-on part of assembling the projects.  Especially some of the cool 3-D type ones and movable part ones.  I would think these paks are perfect for grades 2- 6 but feel all ages could benefit.  My two are 7th and 8th grade and still enjoyed the process for the most part.  We give it a thumbs up and would recommend it for deeper study of the New Testament.

Hands-on History Activity-Pak: The New Testament

It would be nice to try out their Lap-Paks next.  The Wonders of the World looks pretty interesting!  We previously reviewed the Project Passport Activity, History Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Middle Ages and really enjoyed it.

You should also check out their NEW A-La-Carte projects.  These are perfect for topical studies without having to purchase entire unit studies. I was given a free code for The Erie Canal study.  You can also get this study FREE by using the code alacarte in the check out!  We have not done this study yet, but will complete it in the near future.  It looks like an interesting pop-up project that the kids will enjoy.  These short projects are taken from a variety of the bigger unit studies and are perfect for individual subject reinforcement or for extra activities during VBS or just to supplement your current curriculum.

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