Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Loss Happens

I always say farm life isn't for the faint of heart.  We've had losses over the years and we recently experienced another.  We had just gotten 6 more baby chicks.  I had wanted more Easter Eggers so bad and they just happened to get some in at our local farm store.  We picked up 4 plus 2 buffs.  I put them with our new momma who already had 3 we gave her.  All was well until the next day, late afternoon.  I went out to check on them to find one had been apparently trampled or possibly crushed somehow?  She was still alive but not well.  As I was setting up emergency care for her in the house, she expired.  We were so sad.  I had never lost a live baby chick before except for the one that didn't seem to have a successful hatch last year.

I immediately set up an inside brooder and brought the rest of the babies inside to grow a little.  Apparently mom was used to her 2 1/2 week old chicks and did not want to nurture the little bitties.  They were chilled and needed some heat and nourishment.  She is already at stir crazy stage and wants OUT of her pen.  I will brood the littles inside for a couple of weeks while they get bigger and hope that mom will take them back.  I REALLY don't want to finish them out inside.  We will set something else up outside before I do that again.

To replace the loss hubby and son went out and got 2 more, LOL.  We have 7 bitties in our brooder right now.  They are all doing just fine. Excited to watch them grow out!

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