Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Momma #2 Update

So momma #2 (Precious) and babies are doing well!  They are the cutest.  They are growing well and feathering out good too.  Won't be too long and I'll let them integrate with the others in the coop.  Momma #1 (Sassy,) has all but abandoned her crew.  Poor things!  She did that to the last batch last year.  I think she leaves them too early.  It is hot out and they are fully feathered so no temp worries and they do fend pretty well for themselves.  I notice that she does keep a watch out for them during the day and still defends them when needed.  They are just a LOT more independent now.

Would love to add 3 more Easter Eggers before the littles get any bigger.  Alas, haven't found any yet.  The littles with Precious are supposed to be olive eggers so would be so nice to have at least one hen.  Would be awesome miracle if all 3 were pullets! I'll need to get pics up of Sassy's crew next.  Enjoy the day and try to stay cool if you are in the hot temps like we are now.  Supposed to be a heat index of 103 degrees today!  And it's NOT dry air.

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