Friday, April 26, 2019

Garden Update 2 - April 2019

It may not look like much changed, but we've about got it licked.  Both compost bins are installed now and all but one of the beds is completed.  We still need to put something new around the asparagus and apple mint beds.  I'm leaning towards trying the cement blocks.  It would be more permanent and we wouldn't have to worry about rotting wood or invest more into the composite boards right now.  I'll update when we decide and get whatever we decide on installed.

Some aisle ways still need to be cleaned of weeds but most of it is clear at this point.  All the previous compost piles are now distributed. I even got the rhubarb separated and replanted the other day.  It was doing great but with the hot sun out today, it wasn't looking so good.  Praying it is just the stress of transition and that the transplants will take off after recovering.

I got a few strawberry transplants from my friend whom I had shared with a few years ago. I was so happy to be getting more of the original ones back in the garden.  I lost most of them over the winter.  Praying it all takes off well.

This weekend's project will be clearing the area in front of the garden and getting the rose bushes out and planting/transplanting what needs to be there.  I need to transplant a clematis start to the other side of the entryway, transplant some more oregano, and plant another peony plant I bought last year that never got in the ground!  I also have several bulbs to plant and the septic area to clear out and plant.  It seems endless, but it will get done, God willing!

Hope your spring projects are well underway and going well.  Many blessings to you and your family!

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