Saturday, May 4, 2019

Broody Time Again!

Here we go again, it's broody momma time!  These hens are such a hoot.  In the above pic two of my broody hens are arguing over who gets to keep the box.  Currently, they were both plastered into the one laying box.  There were of course 8 other boxes to use (7 of them were completely available and empty), but where's the fun in that?!

I love broody season because it is when my hens get to hatch some of our eggs.  I love waiting to see what will hatch since most of my crew will end up being general barnyard mixes.  I'm not sure I'm on board with all the drama that occurs up to hatch time, but the end result is always good for those that make it to the end game.  I don't like when eggs and chicks don't make it for various reasons.

I've decided to set up a dedicated "broody coop" so I guess now is the time for me to move the hens around.  I will be moving some hens out of the green coop where my rooster Sweet Pea heads up the flock.  I will leave my buff brahma in there and probably put Fluffy, the light brahma from the blue coop, over with her.  The two black sex links will move to the blue coop along with the non-laying leghorn I have (she will get to now sit with my crippled rooster who is isolated for his protection).  That should leave plenty of room for at least 3 broody mamas in the green coop.  I currently seem to have 2-3 broody mommas, but one of them is my easter egger who is no longer allowed to sit eggs due to her violent nature once the eggs start hatching!

I will update with the status on all this once I have everyone moved around.  There is a possibility to rehome the two sex link hens with a rooster I need to get rid of, so we shall see.

How is your spring going so far?  Do you have a garden?  Is it planted yet?  I hope to get more planting in tomorrow if the weather holds out good.  Until next time.  Blessings.

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