Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Sibling Comradery

Country life. Homesteading. Homeschooling. Blessed life.  I love it when the kiddos get along and work together as a unit.  Not only are things more pleasant but they have a blast together when they aren't fighting!  Big brother has gotten into knife throwing and he really enjoys it.  He's gotten pretty good when he keeps his practice up.  Little Sis always wants to do what big brother does!  He was working with her on knife throwing after she had helped me collect some eggs.

Pretty cute looking in hen egg apron and camo rain boots.  A comical scene at the least.  Her "knife" was a chunk of wood but she threw it with complete confidence it would "stick" like big brother's throwing knife.  She had pretty good aim and not bad form.  It was a hoot to watch them and she had a blast. It was the highlight after her exciting egg collection.  She had been dying to use her new egg apron.

Glad that spring is finally here and now anxious to get the garden going again. I was going to go pick up some cabbage and broccoli plants today but didn't get to it.  It's almost too late to plant at this point but I will anyway and see what we get. What are your garden plans this year?  Have you already started getting things in the ground yet?  May you have a successful gardening season.

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