Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Garden Update - April 2019

Finally!  We have begun the garden.  I have been the most anxious this year to get it started.  I think because, for the most part, it did so well last year.  I have high hopes for this year.  I have decided to buy most, if not all, of our starts from a local nursery that produces exceptional plants.  The rest will of course come from seed.

Work in progress

Getting there!

Last weekend I went and bought cabbage (two kinds), broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes.  A few years ago we got broccoli in the ground at the right time and it was soooooo delicious!!  The last two years we haven't gotten such a good crop (planted too late).  For peppers I chose sweet banana, sweet green pepper, sweet red pepper, and of course jalepenos.  For tomatoes I went with Amish Paste (we loved these last year, bought 8 this year!!), Brandywine (heirloom), and Celebrity (good slicing and salad tomato).

Two kinds of cabbage


I have yet to try out my pressure canner, but I am so excited for this year. I have bags of potatoes in the house that I have GOT to get pressure canned.  I also received a couple boxes of apples that I need to fix up into some applesauce, apple pie filling, apple butter, apple jelly, and whatever else I can come up with.

Overwintered Sage is doing great!

Overwintered Thyme did great (even though hubby
 ripped it up thinking it was a weed!)

We were able to purchase, at a phenomenal price, more of the composite raised bed kits so now that project is almost completed.  I think with what is left of the apple mint and my asparagus, we will just do wood in a special U-shaped configuration.  I'll post pics once we get it completed.

I think I lost most of my strawberries so will have to start over with those again and my rosemary plant didn't make it again. I have never been able to successfully overwinter rosemary here in zone 6.  I will try something different this year if I get a new plant.  There will be more to follow so I will update as it comes together.  How is your garden sowing going?

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