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Rhythm & Writing REVIEW

It might seem redundant to some but I am one of those moms who thinks you just can't get enough of writing and penmanship (my son despises this!).  I was happy to review Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew from Rhythm & Writing so Little Bug could get all the handwriting practice she can.  She knows all her letters and how to write them, but she has picked up some bad habits due to her stubbornness to not do it the way Mom says. It might seem odd that we were reviewing two writing programs at the same time, but Little Bug has loved both programs and enjoys working on both of them (score!).

Enjoying her lesson and watching the instructional video

I received a spiral-bound softcover copy of the workbook that also came with two transparency sheets to use over the writing pages.  In addition to the workbook I received a lifetime subscription to their online video lessons that correspond with the handwriting lessons in the workbook.  The idea behind the transparency sheets is to place them over the page (best to secure with a paper clip or two to keep the page from moving) to practice the letters with a transparency or dry erase marker before writing in the book permanently.  Since Little Bug already knows all her letters we skipped this step but I now realize that we need to use it until she actually has complete mastery of the correct way to form the letters and also to have better penmanship.

Completing her pre-assessment

The book has an introduction and a "Steps to Success" page that explain how best to use this handwriting program.  The letters learned are grouped together because of their similarities in letter formation.  Each group of letters has a story to read at the beginning and a corresponding video lesson. The video lessons are not necessary to complete the workbook since the stories tell you how to form the letters, but they sure do help and are really fun for the kids to watch and listen to.  I really believe that memory and retention are helped when there is music involved.  The multi-sensory approach to learning to write is a win in my book.  There is also always a picture to color with each story and throughout the book on the individual letter pages.

Each grouping of letter lessons has a story describing the letter formation

The first thing we did was to have her complete the pre-assessment (can be downloaded for free from their website) at the beginning of the book.  It is used to determine which, if any, letters need to be worked on.  Little Bug really needs to work on her penmanship at this point.  I REALLY like the color coding of the paper.  The top line is green, the middle dotted line is yellow and the bottom line is red.  Like a stop light, go, slow, and stop.  It reminds her to start her letters from the top (when it is correct to do so) and not the bottom like she wants to do for ALL her letters.  We have worked with lined paper but she still doesn't tend to stay within her lines like she needs to.  The colors seem to help, but she still needs plenty of practice.

You can meet the Crew and see their bios online

There is a cute video introducing the characters on the website

I was a little disappointed to find out that the Get Write Crew were not seen in the teaching videos. You hear their voices, but you don't see them (at least not in any that we have seen so far).  However, the videos are brightly colored with various backgrounds and catchy phrases that they sing as the video demonstrates step by step how to properly form the letters in the lesson.  Little Bug really enjoys watching the videos and generally follows instruction pretty well on how to properly form her letters.  When she doesn't focus she slips back to her bad habits.

Practicing lowercase letter v after watching a video lesson

Practicing uppercase letter W after same video lesson

At the back of the book, there are pages for letter review with the instructions for proper formation included, a Post-Assessment to gauge your child's improvement and a "More Than A Handwriting Program" section that has ideas and suggestions on how else you can expand on the topics introduced in the stories.

Letter review

Extra ideas and suggestions for learning

Another wonderful thing is that 20% of each Rhythm & Writing purchase is donated to Dream Makers Youth Foundation, "a non-profit organization that provides community-based educational, recreational, and therapeutic services to children with special needs throughout Metropolitan Atlanta." (last page in the book)

We like Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew and I feel that it will continue to help Little Bug with her penmanship.  We will definitely continue using this handwriting program.  You have many options for purchasing this wonderful program.  You can purchase

  • the workbook by itself with softcover or as a PDF download
  • the instructional video subscription (one-time fee for access) to supplement the workbook
  • individual video lessons for the letter groupings
  • the blank color coded lined pages
  • the dry erase transparencies.

You can connect with Rhythm & Writing on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE.  Also, be sure to check out what other reviewers have to say about this writing program through the link below.

Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew {Rhythm & Writing Reviews}
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