Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Treat Time!

This is what I see as I approach the coop area in the afternoons.  It's treat time and boy do they know it!  They hear the back door open and they come running.  It is always comical to me even after 4 years of silly chickens.

It's important that you don't give them more than 10% of their feed in treats in order to not take place of necessary nutrients they get from their balanced feed.  No, my chickens aren't spoiled, at all, LOL.

We currently have 7 roosters and 35 laying hens in 3 different pens.  Yes, I have too many roosters but so far all is good.  Cedric, our main man is in the main pen with his two sons and a silkie rooster.  One of Cedric's other sons is in an adjacent pen with some hens and our other silkie rooster and Easter Egger rooster are in a 3rd pen with more hens.  Yeah, chicken math has certainly taken over.

Hope your day is blessed.

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