Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Katerina Does It Again!

Sorry for the gruesome picture, but if you own a homestead then you most likely have had to deal with these creatures.  We have active access to 4 of our 5 acres and there is at least a 2-acre plot of farmland right next door to us that is farmed every year.  We have mice.  There is just no getting around it with farmland.  A good mouser can be worth their weight in gold.

About 2 years ago or so we had an adorable stray kitty adopt us.  Notices to our neighbors turned up no one to claim her so we just kept her and she has stayed around ever since.  She is the sweetest and best mouser.  She really takes the moles out too!!

Sorry, that's all she left of it!

I really could do without her leaving these "presents" on my back deck where she lives but I'm still grateful she helps to keep the population down.  Especially those pesky moles that just tear the yard up!!  Do you get any nice "presents" left for you?  What is the strangest thing your pets have brought to you?

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