Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Garden Time

It seemed like winter would never end, but then, all of a sudden, here it is. . . spring is just around the corner!  The daffodils are blooming and the rhubarb is up.  The garden is still not ready for planting because we once again failed to prep it last fall.  Someday.  Someday it will get done in the fall the way it's supposed to.  But for now, we have prep to do.

Also, it doesn't help that our beds are falling apart and need to be redone.  We bought a new composite bed kit that is shaping up to be pretty nice.  It will take care of replacing about 7 beds once we buy a couple of extra boards and fittings.  It looks really nice so far.  We decided to join more beds together to limit aisle space that just seems to get weeded over no matter what we do.  We now have a 4' X 16' bed instead of three 4' X 5' beds.

Our garden has progressed and morphed from just tilled ground to mounded rows to square foot garden beds.  I think our most successful garden was when we did the mounds with ditches in between for rows, but I really do like the square foot gardens best and they have proven to be the most weed free.  It's so nice that when the beds are properly prepped that you get nice naturally tilled ground that is ready to plant in the spring.

Should already have some plants in the ground, but hopefully soon.  How's your garden prep and planting coming along?

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