Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wacky Wednesday ~The Ash Debacle

Um, yeah.  What can happen when 5 yr old decides to "cook" in her kitchen with ashes from the fireplace ash bucket.  Evidently a BIG MESS!  I have NO IDEA what caused her to do this.  She has never written on any walls or furniture or any other wacky thing.  But this.  She decided for some reason to play in the ash bucket.  It was a mess.  A horrid mess.  This too shall pass, right?  After clogging up the vacuum cleaner with the fine dust and using a second vacuum to clean that mess, I finally got it cleaned up.

It was everywhere and I still not only wonder why she did it but why was it EVERYWHERE??  One of those times you wish you had a surveillance camera on for sure!

What crazy things have you caught your kids doing?  Were you able to restore order in your situation?

My idea of regular posts 3 days a week is probably not gonna continue.  I think it ends up being too much with that plus my reviews so I think I will just do at least one regular post a week (perhaps on Fabulous Fridays) or maybe rotate them so just one a week posts.  Hoping the rest of your week is blessed.

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