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CursiveLogic REVIEW

Cursive Logic New Edition

My 8th-grade son is slightly dyslexic and severely dysgraphic.  I was very excited to have the chance to review the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and the Art of Cursive adult coloring book by CursiveLogic.  I received the Quick-Start Pack (which includes the workbook and 1-year access to the 48 minute webinar that teaches the technique and why it works), and the adult coloring book. You will need a free Vimeo account (if you don't already have one) to view the webinar.

My son has known how to write cursive since the 4th grade but his handwriting has always been less than desirable in print or cursive.  He has still never mastered spacing his letters and writing is so difficult for him.  We have done copy work since the 2nd grade but still, writing just doesn't come easily for him.  He has always had an excellent pencil grip but the connection from his brain to his fingers just doesn't flow.

sample of printed work before this program
Sample after working on the program for several weeks
(better spacing too!)
The CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack uses a technique that is unique and pretty effective.  It is a shape-based approach that uses four letter strings that share a common shape.  It uses a multisensory approach that uses color, movement, verbal, and auditory tools (it appeals to all learning styles).  The technique just makes sense to the students.  They learn how the letters flow and their brain is being trained the whole time without redundancy.  It effectively eliminates boredom which can happen with standard techniques that ask them to write the same letters over and over again.

Cursive Logic Sample Page 
2nd day on the program
The product is geared toward 8-year-olds but can easily work with younger children and even on up to adults.  There are posters you can purchase that are large and can easily be used with the younger crowd for tracing practice with a larger object.  The Art of Cursive adult coloring book works well for practice for older adults but is not intended to actually teach cursive writing to younger students.  It is geared for adults (to learn cursive or practice) and has the abbreviated version of the system at the beginning of the book.  I enjoyed coloring one of the pages and my son is also really excited about it.  He loves art and it is the perfect exercise for him to practice what he is learning with this program.

The Art of Cursive Logic
There are 10 lessons in the CursiveLogic workbook that have daily exercises so it is meant to be completed in 10 weeks.  Of course, the pace you use depends on your student and their grasp of the material.  Older kids can generally get through the lessons faster but in our case, we are sticking with the standard pace so as not to overwhelm his brain (it really does take a lot out of him to write and form the letters neatly).  Lessons 1-4 deal with learning the technique and the lowercase letters and Lessons 5-10 deal with uppercase letters.  Did you know that about 95% of the writing you do is done with lowercase letters?  I thought that was interesting and something I just never thought about before.

page I completed from Art of Cursive coloring book

work in progress in Art of Cursive book

project almost completed from Art of Cursive book

At this point, my son is enjoying the program and that is a big plus.  We have not completed the whole book as he is going through it slowly.  If you were to see what it takes for him to write you would understand.  I am excited that I do see progress and based on his newest handwriting sample above, I'd say it's working for him!

I also like how the book is spiral bound so that half the lessons are done using one side and then you flip the book over to write on the backside of the pages for the rest of the lessons.  It is made so that either left or right handed writers do not have any trouble or impediments to writing (no spiral or binding in the way of their hands or arms as they are trying to write).  As we have worked through the book I thought how awesome it would be to have the technique on write on wipe off pages and guess what?  Those pages are included in the back of the book!  What a great idea.

This program has been very well thought out and is very user-friendly.  Access to the 48-minute webinar is wonderful for giving you a grasp of what it is all about and the idea behind the technique.  You need a free Vimeo account to view it (If you don't already have one it takes you to the screen where you can easily sign up for a free account).  It walks you through the first lesson (1 week worth of work) and then explains how the book works and the flow of the rest of the lessons.  There are also some very interesting facts on how it works with your brain and why the technique is so effective.  I thought it was a very helpful and informative webinar and was grateful for the extra information.  

We give the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and the Art of Cursive adult coloring book two thumbs up.  I plan to also use this for my K5 daughter when she is ready  (I could use it with her now for early training, but we are working on some other skills right now).

To add to my excitement I have also been given the opportunity to offer my readers a special discount on the Quick-Start Pack until March 31.  Use the coupon code CREW2018 to receive a 20% discount on your purchase before the expiration date.

Cursive Logic New Edition March 2018 Discount

You can connect with CursiveLogic on FACEBOOK.

Be sure to also check out the other reviews of this curriculum below.  As always, thanks for your time and may your day be blessed!

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