Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Progress! Garden is (Mostly) In


Finally!  Got most of the garden in last weekend! I just haven't had the chance to get on here to update.  It's been a really crazy week and more sickness.  All is well now.  Just trying to play catch up.  Hubby and Little Man helped weed all the beds and get the compost down in the beds.  It was looking so nice.

Little Man was such a help with the compost

I worked harder on practicing companion planting and I hope I have better results.  There were a few pairings I didn't remember reading about before and was pleasantly surprised.  I could plant my peppers and okra with my tomatoes.  Should be interesting!

We still have to redo all the aisles again but we have been under VERY HEAVY rain and there is lots of flooding in our area.  If not for the raised beds the garden would be under some water.  Most of the aisles were flooded again this morning. Once this rain stops and the ground dries a little we can get in and get the walkways cleaned up.

The apple mint is very happy

It felt good to actually get almost the entire garden in before May.  More updates will follow soon. Blessings to you and yours.

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