Monday, May 8, 2017

So Much Water!

Chicken run
So I didn't have a chance to get on and update again.  It has been another crazy week last week. I am grateful that the rain has stopped again.  But I see that we might have more coming at the end of the week.  The garden survived ok.  Some plants that don't like excessive water seem to be struggling a little, but I think everything except maybe my buterfuly bushes will pull through.

Flooded playground area

My butterfly bushes have taken a double whammy.  Our winter weather warmed up too early.  They started to sprout new shoots, then a cold snap came.  I thought I had lost them, but they seemed to be slow in coming back.  Then the rain.  They are not happy!  Time will tell if they will pull through.

The chickens didn't seem too disgruntled over the excessive rain but it has made the run a muddy mess.  The last couple days have allowed it to dry up quite a bit, but with more rain coming we'll see if I can get more mulch and shavings down to get the mud gone.

Looking forward to drier days ahead soon.  

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