Thursday, April 27, 2017

Planet 316 REVIEW

The past month we have had the privilege to play and review the Daily Bible Jigsaw app by Planet 316.  The app is available on four different platforms that include Google Play (for Android devices), Apple App Store (iOS devices), Facebook (Mac or PC computer web browser), or Facebook Gameroom (PC computer).  The app offers a free puzzle a day but we also received 500 coins to play with.

Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

The Daily Bible Jigsaw was fun to play.  Once you sign up for your free account you are offered a free puzzle a day to complete.  We chose to just login with my email account but if you login with Facebook you can:
  • earn 10 puzzle coins
  • challenge your friends
  • see friends' high scores
  • play in Weekly Tourney
  • share your puzzles

 Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

 Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

You have the option to just play the free puzzle of the day or you can purchase coins for additional play options. The puzzles have 30 pieces and once they are completed a bible verse pops up over the puzzle.  There is also calm soothing background music as you put the puzzle together. As you are playing an option comes up as a "power piece" and if you connect that piece in the puzzle you can earn a coin. The puzzles are timed so you have the challenge of trying to complete the puzzle in the shortest time possible.

Planet 316

In the puzzle window you also have help options available (must use coins to purchase).  You can press the ROTATE button that rotates all puzzle pieces to the proper orientation.  You can press the GUIDE button to see what the finished puzzle looks like. If you press the SWEEP button it pushes all the pieces to the sides.  If you use the MAGNET button it will connect two puzzle pieces together.  If you press the EDGES button it removes all pieces except for the edge pieces until you get them all connected. Once all the edge pieces are connected the remaining pieces reappear.

You earn awards as you complete puzzles but they don't seem to earn any coins. You are also offered BONUS PUZZLES to play for free or purchase and some of them are 56 piece challenge puzzles.

 Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

Both my 7th grade son and I played the app and enjoyed challenging each other's times on the puzzles.  My son seemed to lose interest after a while and he said the puzzles were not challenging enough for him.  I'm not sure I agree.  He may have gotten frustrated on a few since the puzzle pieces are not in the right orientation and I found that when I wanted to move a puzzle piece, if I was not careful, I ended up rotating the piece.  This was frustrating when it happened.

All things considered we would recommend the Daily Bible Jigsaw app.  It is a nice option to break up the monotony of the morning and afforded my son a break that still allowed him to have fun but use his mind at the same time.  The soothing music is pleasant.  I really enjoyed completing the puzzles and often completed 3 to 5 puzzles each time I played!  They also offer a Charlie Church Mouse Bible Adventures app that we did not try out.

You can connect with Planet 316 on FACEBOOK and TWITTER (@planet_316).

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