Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Chick Count Down

So tomorrow could be the day!  If I am not off on my days, tomorrow should be hatch day.  If not, it should be in next two days.  I made a HUGE mistake again.  It's a long story right now but basically I was unable to move mom and eggs at the proper time to make sure they were safe.  I was finally able to move her today, but not a good idea.  Yet, if I didn't move her, I was convinced the other hens would probably kill the chicks.  Well . . .  I moved her!  NOT a good idea. She was SO mad.  She wouldn't sit back on the eggs and she just stayed mad and flustered.  I left hoping she would cool off and go back to her eggs.  WELL.  I think I left for too long and when I went back to check on her the eggs felt cool and she was STILL not on them.  She was still so mad.  I decided to just let her out and maybe try to put the other hen that just went broody on the eggs.  Before I could do anymore switching I noticed the angry mom went back to her original nest spot and just sat and complained.  I quickly grabbed her eggs and put them back under her.  Don't know what we are in for.  Not sure if that harmed the eggs.  I know it isn't good.  I also don't even know if any of them are even fertile!  I didn't candle them cause she was so mad and never let me get to the eggs without drawing blood so I just left her.  It's a wait game.  I also hope that if any do hatch I can catch them before the other hens take them out.  Hope it doesn't end sadly.  Updates will follow.

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