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BOOK REVIEW of Captain Absolutely by Focus On The Family

Our newest read was Captain Absolutely by Focus On The Family.  We were provided a copy of this comic strip style book for our honest review.  I had planned on using this as a read aloud but when I realized it was comic book style and my son got a hold of it, it was not necessary.  He got a hold of the book and started reading it on his own.

Captain Absolutely is of course the superhero in this book.  Like Batman, he does end up having a sidekick to help him defeat the League of Bad Guys.  In true form of comic strips this book easily keeps your interest no matter what age you are!  I also read the book.  I would recommend this book for children in grades 3 - 8.  It is an easy read and my son finished it easily within a week with just reading short bits at a time.  It can be read from front to back in about 2 hours time.

While I recommend the book for the younger crowd, older teens will get a kick out of it too.  The author weaves a lot of extras into the story.  You have your standard good guy versus bad guy interactions but the author puts his good sense of humor and truth into the entire storyline.  All through the story there are lots of extra captions that make you chuckle if you catch and read them.  Here is a simple example:

Captain Absolutely stands for truth and justice and uses God's word to accomplish this.  There is scripture woven throughout the entire book.  It is written in as part of the story and dialogue so young readers don't really see that they are getting a bible lesson.  They are just reading a really fun comic.

Book Synopsis

Josiah King is a librarian who has never heard the word of God or ever seen a bible because it is forbidden in the town of Metropolitanville.  Josiah and his buddy Darren are in the library and a nuclear explosion occurs that causes Josiah to come into contact with the forbidden book.  While he waits to be rescued he is completely transformed by the bible and he becomes Captain Absolutely.  His friend Darren has a different fate and becomes one of his archenemies, Dr. Relative.  Captain Absolutely stands for absolute truth while Dr. Relative falls in to the "everything is relative" group.  Of course any good superhero story is never complete without a gang of bad guys and they are present as the League of Bad Guys in this story.  While on his journey to restore truth to his town, Captain Absolutely picks up a side kick, Hana, to help him battle the evils of Dr. Relative, Fear Chemist, Baron Von Confuser, and Farmer Vile just to name a few. Does Captain Absolutely defeat his enemies?  Does he restore faith and justice to the town of Metropolitanville?  Does his sidekick, Hana survive? You'll just have to pick yourself up a copy and read for yourself.

 Captain Absolutely
My son's favorite characters were the superheroes Captain Absolutely and Hana. I really enjoyed the comic relief comments throughout the book and really liked the way that scripture was incorporated into the story line.  Not only is it an exciting good guy versus bad guy comic book but it also serves as a good bible study on character and why it's important to listen to God and follow his word. We both recommend this book and think you won't be disappointed in adding it to your reading list.

Focus On The Family
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