Thursday, October 24, 2019

Meet Buddy and Dolly

Meet Buddy and Dolly.  Two of my six youngest littles right now.  Sassy my tried and true broody mom is raising them with their four other siblings.  I'm a little scared of how many roos I might have this time.  I am so hoping I am wrong and that only two of them are roos.  Buddy (Barred Rock mix) and his barred rock mix brother are definitely both roos.  I am so hoping that Dolly (Buff Brahma mix) and the other three are pullets.  That being said I am reminded that I am also pretty sure that the brown one whom I named Brownie is probably a roo too.  That makes it three for three, ughhh.  I just hate getting attached to them and then having to cull them.  It's so hard to rehome roosters around here and we do raise them for eggs and meat.

Dolly, I'm hoping pullet and I think she is from Olivia my Buff Brahma

I already have two extra roos in this main (blue) coop from my second hatch earlier this year.  I have another extra roo in the 4H (red) coop from the first hatch of this year.  I am hoping to keep him as he looks pure Black Copper Maran (but is a mix).  My Black Copper Maran roo is with my head rooster (his dad) Junior in the 4H (red) coop.

Couple of cuties, Dolly (on my shoulder) and Buddy

I have been working very hard with this group and handling them every day.  A couple of them still don't like me but Buddy and Dolly have become my buddies.  I have to be careful to not lean over or this happens.  They roost on my shoulder, back, or arm, whatever they can land on!  They are both so sweet and I am enjoying their friendship.  I hope it continues as they mature.  I've had so many in the past that I have tamed, but then things get busy and before I know it they don't want anything to do with me, LOL.

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