Saturday, October 12, 2019

Baby Chicks Are Growing So Fast!

The babies are getting big and growing so fast!  Still not sure how many boys and girls.  I know for sure one of the six is a rooster and am suspecting there may be a few more.  Hoping for more pullets, but time will tell.  They are all strong and healthy and momma Sassy is doing a good job raising them (as usual).  I am so excited about the little Brahma chick and hope it is a "she."

Brownie front and center :)
Essentially they are all mutts since they are mixed, but I love genetics and how things play out.  Even with a barred rock cross rooster, some of the traits are so strong.  Two of the chicks are plainly easter eggers and look just like a pair you would buy in the store. I suspect my little brown chick, Brownie, is also an easter egger cross (Easter Eggers are already a mutt breed to begin with but they do breed true if you cross an EE rooster with an EE hen). 
It's fun to watch them grow and I can't wait to see what we end up with.  Hopefully more girls!

Our weather has been crazy lately and last night was no exception.  We went from 80 degrees one day to a low of 35 last night!  Poor molting chickens were not too amused. I actually turned on the radiant heater panel for any who might need the extra warmth.  I have a few going through a pretty hard molt and without the feathers to keep them warm they will get chilled pretty easily.  It also didn't help that it rained most of the day so it was wet, cold, and pretty miserable!  How is your weather?  Do you think we wil at least get to enjoy a short fall?  I hope so!   I love this kind of weather.

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