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Little Bug so wants to learn to speak Spanish.  We have used several different resources to do this and they have all been good.  The challenge is that at her age and her personality, it is difficult to keep her focused.  I am always up for trying new options so when I had the chance to review Excelerate SPANISH Streaming from Excelerate SPANISH  I signed up!  I really like that this is a streaming video program.  Little Bug is a visual learner and this is a good option for her.  I received a one-year streaming membership with access to BOTH levels 1 and 2.  You will need internet access and something to watch it on like a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Both Levels 1 and 2 each consist of 24 video lessons (total of 48 lessons) that run from about 30 minutes to almost an hour.  So far the only challenge for Little Bug is the length of the lessons.  They are interesting and engaging but VERY content filled so it is just too much for one sitting.  Our goal is to complete 1 lesson per week.  We are slightly behind and she was viewing lesson 4 today.  It works better to break the video up into 2 or three parts for viewing and then review as necessary.  Once you log on you have access to the streaming videos and can easily locate and access them from the menu on the right of your screen.

Screen once you log in

You can click on links to the right and access either Spanish 1 or Spanish 2

Once Spanish 1 is selected you can now access the individual lessons

Little Bug enjoying one of her lessons

This is more of a conversational type program. It uses the magic of storytelling to teach you the language.  It works more practically and it is easier to learn and remember.  You are not just learning a bunch of words but how you can put those words together to communicate effectively about real-life everyday subjects.  The lessons are all based on a subject like taking a bus, going fishing, going out into a storm, at the skating rink, the animals in the zoo, etc. The teacher, Caryn Hommel, moves fairly quickly through the material but also engages the students for better memory retention.  She uses repetition and visual cues for students to remember the words. Once she teaches the vocabulary she uses the words to string together sentences that create a story based on the subject of the lesson.  Having taken 4 years of French MANY, MANY years ago in high school I think this is a wonderful way to learn a foreign language and I am really enjoying the lessons.


Student participation in videos

There is an introductory video where Caryn explains how to engage with the program.  She recommends you participate with the class in the videos.  Stand when they do, do the motions, and answer questions like they do.  There is a workbook available for sale that goes with the program, but there are also FREE resources available from a Quizlet link we were given.  I am LOVING the Quizlet resources.  The Quizlet resources include:
  • Flashcards
  • Learn (like quizzing)
  • Write
  • Spell (like a spelling test, hear and write)
  • Test
  • Games (Match and Gravity)
Quizlet link to one of the lessons





Gravity Game
Match Game

As far as I can tell, Quizlet has resources for every Excelerate SPANISH Streaming lesson.  Each lesson even has a list of the vocabulary words and audio so you can hear them properly pronounced!  This has been an invaluable resource for us.  I REALLY like the flashcards.  I haven't tried to print them out yet, but I think that is an option.  If I can get it to work then I can laminate them for longevity and she can use them for more practice.  In our case repetition, repetition, repetition will be the key.

I looked ahead to view a few of the Spanish 2 lessons and they appear to be very similar.  Most of them appear to be longer in length (more 40-50 min videos) and with more classroom participation.  With a total of 48 lessons, I don't see us completing or possibly even getting into Spanish 2 very far so I am anticipating that we will probably continue with this program next year.  I only have access for 1 year, but at this time I feel that Excelerate SPANISH Streaming is a wonderful program that helps you excel in Spanish and plan to continue our subscription.  We give this program 2 thumbs up and highly recommend you check it out if you are looking for a foreign language option and want to learn Spanish fast.

You can connect with Excelerate SPANISH on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and PINTEREST.  Also, be sure to click the graphic link below to see what my fellow Crew members have to say about this wonderful foreign language resource.

Excelerate SPANISH help your students to learn FAST, naturally! (Streaming)  {Excelerate SPANISH Reviews} 
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