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Creating a Masterpiece Art REVIEW

After two years of trying to get on a review for Creating a Masterpiece, I finally got on the review.  I was so happy and excited to review the Drawing Program.  I received a one-year subscription to this online art program.  Both of my kiddos are budding artists and love to draw.  Sharon Hofer provides excellent art instruction.  The program is recommended for children of all ages.  There are four levels of instruction that include Beginning Drawing, Drawing Level 1, Drawing Level 2, and Drawing Level 3.  The lessons cover three different mediums including pencil, colored pencil, and charcoal.

Art instructor Sharon Hofer
Sample video shot from giraffe lesson

The lessons are easily accessible via your online subscription and there are other subscription options besides just the Drawing Program.  There are 6-8 projects per level for a total of 29 projects.  Within each project are individual short lessons that walk you step by step through the drawing.  The lessons consist of about 4 to 6 short videos (from approximately 1 to 4 minutes long).  Sharon is very patient and encouraging as she teaches the different concepts of drawing.  She encourages the students to take their time and rewatch the video as necessary.  She expects you to work on and clean up your drawing as necessary between video lessons so you are ready to go on to the next section.  The projects that we have completed have taken us about 30 minutes or so to complete (more complex drawings will, of course, take more time).

We chose the Giraffe in Cartoon as our first project (it's a caricature).

Knowing what tools you need and where to purchase them is easy.  A supply list is included with each project and there is even a link to click to purchase those exact supplies online.  The link takes you to a site that already loads your cart with the necessary supplies.  I thought this was wonderful.  We did not purchase our supplies through this link but Sharon highly suggests you use the brands she suggests so that you get the best results from your projects (quality supplies equals a quality project).  I also noticed that in quite a few instances certain supplies were out of stock or backordered so this could be a problem.  It's easy though to find the resources online from other vendors so it wasn't a problem for us.

Project description, supply list, and supply purchase links
Link to the Blick site to order your supplies that are already placed into your cart.

Once we got all our supplies together we started the video for our first lesson.  Little Bug kept giggling throughout the lessons at Sharon's comments on what a caricature is and how to accentuate certain parts of the giraffe's body.  Both kids enjoyed the lesson.  It was a little annoying that it was broken into 4 sections because it felt like you were just getting into what she was saying and then the video would end.  I now understand that rather than expecting you to know where to pause she probably did it to force breaks in your project so you can complete the "clean up" work she recommends.

Little Bug's finished caricature of giraffe

I think Sharon is a great instructor and has an infectious joy in her teaching. You can tell she loves what she does and it comes out in her lessons.  She makes you feel like you CAN draw!  There are tips within the projects and she also shares tips with you in the videos on how you can make your drawings better.

Sample online tips

My sophomore's caricature rendition

I am definitely not the artist in the family but it was fun!

I am so glad we get to enjoy this wonderful online art program for the next year.  I know I will learn a lot from her instruction as will my kids.  We, of course, give the Drawing Program a thumbs up!  While it is recommended for all ages, I'm not sure how younger kids would do (you will need to check out the other reviews to see).  Little Bug is in 1st grade and was a little frustrated at first till I got her to just listen to Sharon and enjoy the process.  There was no "right" or "wrong."  She ended up being really happy with her end result.  I think this is a great option for your homeschool art curriculum.

Another completed project from the Beginning Drawing level

Some Drawing Level 3 samples

I think for our next project we will try the egg project from the Drawing Level 1 section.  It teaches about lighting and shading, something my son wanted to work more on.

You can connect with Creating a Masterpiece on FACEBOOK. There are future plans to expand this program into more projects and more difficult levels.  I can't wait to see what comes in the future.  Please be sure to check out the reviews from my fellow Crew members to see what they thought of this fun art instruction program and how it worked for their families.  Just click on the graphic link below.  Happy Drawing!

Learning to Draw {Creating a Masterpiece Reviews} 
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