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USA Activity Bundle Pack REVIEW

I've reviewed for Crafty Classroom before so I was excited to try out their USA Activity Bundle Pack.  You can buy these downloadable pdf books individually or buy them as the Bundle Pack.  The Bundle Pack has two options for purchase.  You can purchase either the Homeschool license (can print for your family only) or the Classroom license (for classrooms and co-ops).  I received a link for a free download of the Bundle Pack.  I printed the pages out in both color and black and white as appropriate for the pages and then used my binding machine to create the three books.  The three books included in this bundle are the U.S.A. State-by-State Activity Notebook, U.S.A. State Bird Art Cards, and U.S.A. 50 State Mazes.  It has been a crazy summer so we did our best to complete some pages in two of the books and will continue to use these resources throughout our summer and into the fall to complete the books.

The U.S.A. Sate-by-State Activity Notebook consists of one page per state that includes information such as state flag, where it is on the map, abbreviation, state number, nickname, state flower, state bird, facts and notes, and a blank state shape to draw in the capital, rivers, lakes, and mountains.  Since Little Bug is going into first grade this fall we kept it simple and I just had her color the flag, bird, and flower.  I helped her fill out the other facts on the page and we left the state shape blank for now.  I will have her fill that out in the future.  The author recommends the book The United States of America: A State-by-State Guide to use with this notebook.  Since Little Bug is enjoying this notebook I decided to order that book and found a good used copy that I ordered online (not here yet). This notebook will make such a nice personalized reference book for her future studies.

I also really like that at the end of this Notebook there are two printable games to play.  One is Bingo USA and the other is Roll Across America.  The Bingo game is pretty self-explanatory and comes with instructions.  You can print the cards out on cardstock and laminate them (which is what we will do). You can use pennies as markers and you simply call out the state or capital (they will have to know which state the capital goes to since only states on are on the bingo card) until someone gets a BINGO.  The Roll Across America is easily printed out in color on one sheet of paper.  You will need a die and game markers (beans, pennies, jelly beans, whatever works for players!).  Instructions are included how to play.

Bingo USA game card

Roll Across America game board

The U.S.A. 50 State Mazes book is cute and fun but a little challenging for Little Bug right now.  She LOVES puzzles and mazes but gets easily frustrated.  She gave it a good try and I know she will get better at it!  The mazes are in the shape of the individual states.

Partial sample of state maze page

The U.S.A. State Bird Art Cards is another fun activity book.  You can print the pages on card stock to be cut out or do like we did and just print out on paper and assemble into a book.  I will print them on cardstock in the future because I think it would be nice to cut out and laminate the pictures of the birds that she colors.  Each page also includes matching cards that can be cut out and laminated for a fun matching game (another game Little Bug loves to play).  Notice there is room under the sample picture on each page for copy work or fun facts about the bird.  I chose to have Little Bug do some copy work.

There is room under the picture on the left for copy work or fun facts

Sample art card from State Bird Book

Sample matching cards to be cut out for a matching game

For the State Bird book, the author also recommends using the book United Tweets of America for fun facts about each of the birds featured.  Again, we like the book well enough that I decided to order this one too.  Little Bug will be so excited when it arrives!

There is plenty of work to stretch into a semester or year depending on how you chose to use this.  We like the books and she is having fun.  We give the USA Activity Bundle Pack by Crafty Classroom a thumbs up.

You can connect with The Crafty Classroom on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, and INSTAGRAM.  Be sure to not only check out what my fellow Crew members have to say about this bundle but also about other wonderful resources available from Crafty Classroom by clicking on the graphic link below.  Have fun!

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