Monday, July 15, 2019

Sad Day on the Homestead

Sometimes when reality hits it's just not fun. We have been having some scorching hot days with heavy humidity lately and it can take its toll on the chickens.  They don't tend to do well in excessive heat and the effects are cumulative.  You have a hot day here and there and they have a chance to recover.  Too many hot days in a row and you might experience some problems.  We've had hotter days in past years, but this year I had a couple hens that just couldn't take the heat.

Dee Dee is one of our hatches from last year so she is barely over a year old, but something happened.  I'm not sure why, but the heat got her.  She was actually recovering but still couldn't walk well and we decided to cull her. It's often hard for me to keep reminding myself that our chickens are livestock for the most part and not pets.  But I do tend to get attached to most of them and Sam does still have a few "pets."  It was a hard but necessary decision to cull her and another hen that was on the cull list for some time now.

In addition to these two losses, Sam finally agreed to let us cull his beloved rooster Cedric.  He has been crippled for several years now (he was 5 1/2 years old) and has just continually deteriorated in his ability to get around.  He recently got hit with fly strike and it was horrible.  We doctored him and he recovered, but his inability to get around well would just set him up for it to probably happen again.  it was hard for all of us because he was a pet and a VERY special rooster.  Best one ever.

Such a fighter. Best rooster ever.  Rest in peace sweet boy.

Homesteading and farming are not for the faint of heart.  Lots can happen and hard decisions are often needed to be made.  Losses happen and heartache ensues.  You pick yourself up and move on.  Lessons are learned and hope ensues.  What hard things have you had to deal with?  What challenges are you facing this year/season?  Praying that you too can find hope in your situation.

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