Sunday, July 7, 2019

Garden Challenges

The garden is coming along ok these days.  We have officially hit summer and the heat is definitely on!  Gone are the spoiled days of mild weather with rain just when we needed it.  I've only had to water once until now.  Looking at the temps over the next 10 days it looks like the heat is only going to get worse.  Not only are the temps high (90s and higher) but the humidity is astronomical so our "feel like" temps are pushing 100 degrees and higher.  Gonna be needing to do some watering for sure!

Corn, cantaloupe, dill, and cucumbers

I also have had some sort of blight or fungus on my tomato plants so that has not been fun.  I'm trying an organic method that involves hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.  I will let you know how that turns out.  I'm hopeful and have applied 3 rounds of the hydrogen peroxide so far and will follow up with baking soda treatment tomorrow.

Cucumbers growing on back chicken yard fence

The cucumbers are taking off like crazy and doing quite well.  The strawberries are starting to regenerate too so hopefully we will have a really good crop again next year.  My rhubarb transplants are also taking off well so there should be some nice crops of rhubarb in our future!

As in the past, the corn did not germinate well and only ONE of the bean plants germinated!  I will still need to try to replant those.  Hopefully, I'll remember to update on those too. The weeds took over again and we are still working on getting caught back up on that.  

How is your garden growing?  Hope you are enjoying your summer.  May you be blessed.

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