Monday, July 29, 2019

Nature Delights

I was so excited the other morning to see this little gem climbing all over my peppermint by the duck pen (Do you see him?).  It is so exciting when I see a healthy ecosystem growing around us in our garden and yard.  I really love growing apple mint in the garden because the ladybugs LOVE it!  I get to see them in the nymph stage as well as plenty of adults.  When the apple mint flowers out it also draws a lot of other beneficial insects including the parasitic wasps that keep tomato hornworms and other types of caterpillars at bay.

I've also seen a lot of toads, frogs and a few snakes (generally we have the rat snakes around the garden and chicken coop).  It's nice to know that these critters have a home in our garden area.  The healthier the ecosystem the better things will work, especially in the garden!

Rosie and Rowdy at approximately 14 wks old now

The ducks continue to grow and young Rowdy is becoming quite handsome.  He is finally starting to get some of his adult colorings.  He has a way to go, but he is definitely maturing.

So handsome!

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