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Princess Cut Movie REVIEW

Princess Cut The Movie

Our family always enjoys a good movie, especially for our weekly Friday night movie night.  I was excited to have a chance to review the DVD of Princess Cut (True Love is Worth the Wait) by Watchman Pictures.  My husband and I always enjoy a good Christian film and with a growing teen in the house, this movie was just perfect.  This romantic drama is Dove approved for ages 12+.  There is no profanity or nudity.

My son doesn't really like to think or talk too much about subjects of relationships right now and that is ok with me.  He is just now 14 years old and he has time to grow and mature.  He knows how we feel as a family and what our goal is.  I have had good curriculum over the past couple years that I have covered with him and has opened up a lot of good discussions (albeit generally short sessions).

The general plot of the movie covers dating relationships and how a father and mother can lead and guide their child into a Godly union for marriage.  The common term of courtship is not mentioned in the movie.  Rather the movie uses and demonstrates a Godly union in a practical way.

The main character, Grace, longs for the day her knight in shining armor will woo her and place that princess cut ring on her finger.  She has been having a long distance relationship with Stewart and has an upcoming date with him where she thinks he is going to pop the question.  Instead, Stewart announces his engagement to someone else.  Grace is devasted and certain she will never find Mr. Right.

At a local coffee shop, she runs into the guy who worked at the jewelry store where she was looking at rings.  He pursues her and at first, she puts him off.  He is persistent and they pursue a relationship that she thinks is wonderful because he seems to respect her and treats her special.  The problem enters when he becomes more forceful to become much more romantically involved.  I absolutely love this part where it becomes so evident that Grace has been raised with strong convictions and her inner-self knows that somehow this relationship is just not right.  She struggles with it and ends up breaking the relationship off.

In her despair, she ends up seeking the advice of her father who had recently been convicted to be a better father to her and take up his responsibility of guarding her heart until the time that he gives her away in marriage.  Grace agrees to trust her father in helping her and guiding her in pursuing the right person for her future.  

A young doctor, Clint, moves in next door and you can imagine that the rest is history.  But of course, the story doesn't have a simple ending.  Do they pursue a relationship together?  What happens when the doctors ex-fiance shows up?  What happens when Grace's ex-boyfriend shows up?  What happens to cause the doctor to leave?  What does it mean to truly love someone?

I absolutely LOVED the way this movie demonstrated how a Godly union can happen and what it might look like.  By beginning the movie with Grace making some wrong choices it brought a lot of reality to the story.  It showed how making wrong choices that seemed right at the time will generally not have a happy ending.  The movie demonstrated to young people how waiting for that true love can indeed be worth the wait.  When we choose to follow God's design in relationships it can be a wonderful and magical story.  Grace didn't have to go looking for her Mr. Right.  God brought him to her.  Clint also had a past where he had made some wrong decisions and not allowed God to lead in his pursuit of relationships.  He was able to demonstrate how much more God had for him when he pursued Grace with quiet patience and a deep friendship first before pursuing anything romantic.  Clint also honored Grace's parents by asking for their permission to pursue a relationship with Grace.

I highly recommend Princess Cut by Watchman Pictures to any parent of a preteen or teenager.  This movie can help open up discussions of what your family might like to see how your child might pursue future relationships and ultimately marriage.

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