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Homeschool Diploma REVIEW

Homeschool Diploma

Names are blurred out but you can see the nice quality and lettering.

Sometimes when you homeschool you wonder if your kids might be missing out on some "traditional" options that their public or private school counterparts might have access to.  I was excited to be able to participate in this review for an 8th Grade Diploma from Homeschool Diploma.  Sam is getting ready to graduate from the 8th grade and the timing was just perfect on this.

We are not going to have any big special celebration, but we wanted to at least acknowledge his graduation to the next level in his homeschool life.  We might go out to eat at a place of his choosing and then present it to him afterward.  I suppose the big celebration will come when he graduates high school!

I chose the 8th Grade Diploma and had lots of options to choose from.  I was able to choose some really nice upgrades for no additional charge (the extras do normally cost extra).  The diploma we received looked just like my high school diploma!  It came with a really nice padded, hard backed cover with very nice lettering that I had chosen and upgraded to include our homeschool name and his name on the front.  You can even have your own customized logo or crest printed on the front!  The diploma paper is a very nice heavy cardstock quality paper.

The seal I choose was "Soli Deo Gloria," to God alone be the glory.  Some other options I was able to choose were the selection of a bible verse and parchment instead of plain cream paper.  I could have also chosen to have an honors seal if he had earned that.  There are some wording choices you can make along the way.  For example, I chose "from the Eighth grade level" instead of "from the Junior High School department."

I like that it came with the following notice that let me know if we were to mess this one up somehow while preparing signatures, we could order a replacement.

The ordering process for the diploma was easy and there were a lot of nice upgrade options to choose from.  If you are in need of a High School diploma, you have the option to choose a Standard, Personalized, Gilded, or Vintage diploma.  The Gilded option has 23-karat gold illumination to decorate the seal and first letter of the school name.  Additional letters can be illuminated for an additional charge.  The Vintage style diploma option is printed in raised ink.With the Standard Diploma, you can still choose from 3 different embossed seals.  For our 8th Grade Diploma I was able to add the scripture that I wanted.  It also allowed me to choose either embossed or engraved seals (I chose embossed).  The signature lines on my option were customizable.  I chose "Principal" and "Instructor."  

If you have an upcoming high school graduate you should check out their Standard Diploma. It is not too late, shipping is fast and if you are in a real hurry they can also rush it to you overnight for an additional fee.

High School Diploma with 7

Homeschool Diploma can be your one stop shop for all things graduation.  If you just need diploma covers they have that. You can also order caps and gowns, graduation announcements, and class rings from them.  They have options for Kindergarten, 8th grade , and High School graduations.  As I stated before, the ordering process is very easy and they walk you through each step and allow you to choose your options and upgrades available at each step.

Eighth Grade or Junior High School Diploma with 7

You can connect with them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and PINTEREST.

I was very pleased with the 8th Grade Diploma we received and definitely plan to use their services when high school graduation comes around.  I would recommend Homeschool Diploma if you plan to celebrate your child's academic accomplishments.

Be sure to check out the other reviews that will include more information on the Kindergarten, 8th grade, and High School diplomas.

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