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Walking with the Waodani Unit Study Review

Walking with the Waodani
What a blessing to be able to review Walking with the Waodani Adventures in Ecuador, a Unit Study by Stacy Farrell of Home School Adventure Co.  This Unit Study is still currently being finalized and it was a joy to be able to implement this study in our homeschool. My son has always been fascinated with the story of Jim Elliott and Nate Saint and their interactions with the Waodanis.  It is one of his favorite missionary stories.
Home School Adventure Company

This study consists of four lessons that can be used for weekly or monthly lessons.  Each lesson consists of the following components:
  • Lesson Introduction
  • People & Places
  • Meals & Markets
  • Animals & Agriculture
  • Worlds & Worldview
There is also a Travel Journal component that allows for more writing and creativity from your student. Your student will:
  • answer questions related to the lessons on notebook pages
  • mark maps or discuss a ministry
  • assume the role of a recipe critic
  • use their drawing talents
  • engage in creative freewriting
Walking with the Waodani is an excellent unit study focusing on the story of the five missionaries who were martyred trying to evangelize a group of Auca Indians now known as the Waodani. Anyone who has delved into any stories on missionaries has certainly come across the story of Jim Elliott, Nate Saint, and their missionary friends.  Stacy spent two years of research study to compile this wonderful resource.

One of the meal options in the study

I really like that it incorporates so many subjects including history, language arts, geography, home ec, and social studies. It is a wonderful Charlotte Mason type study and I like that it is not too deep.  There is a plethora of knowledge, but it is presented in a simple way and the assignments are not too long to bog your child down.  My 13 year old 7th grader had no trouble tackling the assignments.  If you have multi aged children it is easily adaptable for different age ranges.  There are links provided for further study and additional resources for each lesson.  I would think this study is best suited for age 12 and above because of the nature of some of story (they were violent before they were saved), but that being said that is not a focus and there is plenty of material that can accommodate most age ranges.

Vampire Bat my son chose to draw

The author is still currently finalizing this resource but the final study will include four lessons that can easily be completed in a month's time.  We had access to the first two lessons and just recently received the third addition.  We chose to complete each lesson in two weeks time. We spent the first week mostly reading and following the extended research links.  We watched the movie again (it was already part of our video library). The second week we concentrated on the writing lessons and more research.  My son dislikes writing very much but the lessons are short and the subject really interested him.  We are looking forward to continuing with this study and can't wait for the finished product!  You can be notified when this study is completed and ready for purchase by going to their website and selecting the link at the bottom of the page.

We are enjoying this study and would recommend it especially if you like Charlotte Mason type Unit Studies and if anyone is interested in missionaries or missions work for the future.

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