Monday, March 27, 2017

Adoption Update

We are so excited!  It is just too surreal!  After 1,389 days in care, our little princess is going to be forever ours and a permanent part of our family. Her story is a very long and complicated one.  In her case, it is in her best interest to become a member of our family.  She deserves to have a life that is safe and nurturing.  She came to us as an infant and we are the only mom and dad she has really ever known.  There were of course the general visits that happen when a child is in foster care, but at her young age the reality of everything never real sank in and as far as she knows we are home and we are her family.  

Perhaps the most exciting part is that she now gets to be homeschooled along with big brother and they are both pretty excited about that.  At least until the novelty of that wears off.  Hahaha!  Seriously though, we are all pretty happy about it all.  Just wanted to share some of our happy news. Hope your day is blessed and you have some bright spots in your day!

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