Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pretzel Frenzy

I love the fact that my son is learning a wide variety of skills through his local 4H group.  They have done so many awesome projects over the years.  I really appreciate his leaders and everything they do for the kids.  I have loved the opportunity that 4H has provided my son and am looking forward to when my daughter will be old enough to also participate.  This year their group project is cooking!  My son has always loved to cook and he is really enjoying it.  They recently made pretzels and my son insisted on bringing his recipe home to make some more.

He did a really good job and they were really yummy!  The scary part is that every time I let him into the kitchen he never ceases to use every bowl, utensil, measuring cup, spoon, you name it.  The kitchen was a disaster area when he was done.  He really needs to work on his clean up skills because this mama is the one who ended up putting the kitchen back in order.  I like that he is excited to cook so for now, I endure. :)  What types of skills do your kids enjoy?  I say let them explore away.  You never know what a certain project might spark in their minds and give them a chance to explore so many new things.

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